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Raven (brex) wrote,
@ 2003-04-17 18:52:00
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    Once upon a time there has a young LEAF POLISHER named SANTA. He was FOLDER TREE CHOPPING in the GERMAN forest when he met CIGGARETE SATAN, a run-away FRUIT BOWL FILLER from the JEW Queen BIG HAIRY THING.

    SANTA could see that CIGGARETE SATAN was hungry so he reached into his WALLET and give him his DOG HOT SIZZLIN DEEP FRIED BANANA. CIGGARETE SATAN was thankful for SANTA's HOT SIZZLIN DEEP FRIED BANANA, so he told SANTA a very PINK HAIR story about Queen BIG HAIRY THING's daughter HAIRY OCSTER LADY. How her mother, the JEW Queen BIG HAIRY THING, kept her locked away in a CAGE TYPE BUILDING protected by a gigantic OYSTERS, because HAIRY OCSTER LADY was so JUPITER.

    SANTA GOOSE. He vowed to CIGGARETE SATAN the FRUIT BOWL FILLER that he would save the JUPITER HAIRY OCSTER LADY. He would SESSY the OYSTERS, and take HAIRY OCSTER LADY far away from her eveil mother, the JEW Queen BIG HAIRY THING, and CARPET her.

    Then, all of the sudden, there was a PRESIDANT BUSH CRAWLING and CIGGARETE SATAN the FRUIT BOWL FILLER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic OYSTERS from his story. JEW Queen BIG HAIRY THING SESSY out from behind a FRUIT BOWL and struck SANTA dead. In the far off CAGE TYPE BUILDING you could hear a OI!.

    THE END.

    Make your own Fairy Tale at

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