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All the worlds a stage (brettbretterson) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 16:57:00
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    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
    OK so the format isnt right but hey this is blurty what can you ask but if you see something wrong with anything leave a comment PLEASE!!! i really need help i have lost my writing ability because of brandon high school!!!!thanks yall are pals!

    Brett Nicholson
    Ms. Trahan
    English 10
    10 December, 2003
    Down with Conformity
    “In my twenty-one years of experience as a high school principal, some of the students whose clothing and hair styles were (from my point of view anyway) the most outlandish were also among the most outstanding scholars and school leaders,” said accomplished high school principal Dennis Evans (School Uniforms). This quote denounces uniforms implying that clothes do not make the man the man makes the clothes. The taking away of these individual freedoms could potentially disrupt the students’ sense of character and creativity. For some, self-expression is the only outlet that they have in a world of correspondence and conformity. One reason why school uniforms would be a menace to the public education system would be an infringement upon first amendment rights. A second rationality would be that when children are given the right to freely express themselves it would assist their overall attitude and performance in the classroom. A third and final reason is some students buy their clothes for their comfort. However, uniforms could not prove comfortable for every student. Propriety, expressionism, and solace are examples why school uniforms would not be the ideal answer to any schools enigma.
    To begin, the wearing of school uniforms violates the first amendment right to freedom of choice. In this day and age children are faced with many choices, from taking drugs to choosing witch brand of shoe they will buy. One of the smallest of these choices is what they will wear when they get up in the morning. Yet taking this minute freedom away could spark some controversy. "It can hardly be argued that students shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gates" (First-Amendment Concerns). This quote by honorary Justice Abe Fortas states that the constitutional rights of the students should not be taken away from them under any circumstance. Past court cases, such as Tinker v. Desmoins have ruled in favor for students to have the right to freely express their opinions through clothing, in a nonviolent manner. " The New York Civil Liberties Union has promised to sue if and student is coerced into wearing a uniform of punished for wearing one" (do uniforms foster). This quote by executive director Norman Siegel shows that cases can be won because it is a written right that all students have. The forefathers did not gather so many years ago to right the Bill of Rights for no particular reason. They meant for these rights to be upheld and interpreted in a just and reasonable demeanor. There for School uniforms are unconstitutional and legally immoral.
    Next, school uniforms pressure students to conform to the similarities of an unrealistic society and destroy individuality. In a world of blue hair and nose rings, being different is a big deal. However when students attend a school with a uniform policy these freedoms are revoked, and a sense of conformity is installed. "Clothes are a source of expression for children, and as far as kids get older, they become increasingly resentful of uniforms" (Ann Svensen). This Quote by accomplished Dr. Hilfer imposes the idea that children are artists and their clothing is their canvas. When their canvas is taken away, rebellious moods could arise. The teenage years are a persons most influential and the taking away of their individuality could prove damaging. This lack of uniqueness and distinctiveness could also lower the morale of the student body by making school a drab and unrealistic setting. This lack of diversification could also give these students a rude awakening when they venture into a world of distinct differences. This proves that uniforms challenges individuality.
    Lastly, School uniforms are not individuality made and are not made to fit a student’s comfort level. Clothes have more than only fashion purposes. If a student were given the choice to dress up in a suit or to wear sweatpants, they would most likely pick the sweatpants because they are more comfortable. Performing the daily tasks of school could be annoying if it were to be done in a tuxedo. This is a simple concept, children dress for comfort. "I have to wear a shirt and tie, wool sweater, blazer, skirt, and tights all the time. Especially in hot weather it gets very uncomfortable" (Gonzalas). This quote by Cranbrook High School student Richell Gonzalas tells how her school uniform is not weather permitting. This could be very uncomfortable in the
    Summer when it’s hot. This could also be a problem in the winter months when some girls have to wear skirts and could catch cold as a result of their uniform. "They never seem to fit right because we have to order them from a magazine" (Gonzalas). Here she sates that her uniforms never fit properly. This could also add to the discomfort of he uniform. Until all uniforms are custom made, designed, and tailored for each individual student, they are not a good idea for any school.
    Uniforms can not bandage the problems of public and private schools due to the fact that the cons far outweigh the pros. Uniforms could seem like a good idea at first glance. Yet when deeper investigation is done they do not seem so glamorous. The forced wearing of uniforms degrades society by contradicting everything that the United States of America stands for. Uniforms present an interesting problem for Americans. Most cannot agree on a side but those that do support their decision strongly defend it. With society in the shape it is the decision on school uniforms will be a long and strenuous topic that will be discussed far into the future. The major problem is that uniforms do no fit the needs of every student and for some they interrupt their developing education. Until the world can appreciate and accommodate for every student’s opinions and views there will be no room for school uniforms.

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