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Brian (bozy) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 18:03:00
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    Next Friday is D-Day #1 and the following Monday is D-Day #2. On Friday I see my physician and on Monday I see the new superintendent. Between them they will officially decide if my teaching career can be saved. There are three options:
    (1) I go back part time and wait until the LTD claim is approved or dis-approved.
    (2) I take a leave and find something else.
    (3) I resign and take my pension contributions plus interest.

    I've analyzed the pros and cons to death. There are so many variables to deal with. Overall, since I do have a history I'm leaning in the direction of #2. All the terms on the LTD form are clear because I was able to find an internet explanation right out of the psychiatric manual. "State" disorders and "adjustment disorders" were clearly defined. I find it quite ironic that all the tools I have developed over the years, my "practice" as I call it have prevented me from meeting the disability criteria. That routine also gave me an early warning system that I use to vacate that classroom. I should look on that as a positive because there are many teachers who wait too long and "carry on".

    The public perception, of course, is to stop whining and get back "in the saddle". We shall see!!!!

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