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Danielle (boybandssuck458) wrote,
@ 2003-11-22 17:57:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:"Maybe"--Enrique Iglesias

    i h8 my grandma! its called respect! but she doesnt know what that means!

    im sittin there gettin ready 2 sleep so my eyes r closed and she comes in and goes "shouldnt ya have somethin over ya?" i shook my head no and she kept goin!!! she's like "oh well i need the walk neways" implyin that she was goin 2 get the she comes back into the house, puts the mail down this time i was pretty much kinda sleepin and she goes "oh nothin 4 u and me" uh..No shit sherlock! theres like never nethin 4 u and rarely somethin 4 me (letter from my sis or a magazine) and so i just didnt move or nethin and kept on sleepin..well then l8er on once im awake she comes over behind by my hear and goes "would u like me 2 make nethin 4 ya?" like in a childish voice! NO I DONT U OLD HAG! I JUST WANT U 2 DIE!!! neways, so i said "no, im fne" and she goes "oh ok" and pats my knee!! wtf???? leave me alone! doesnt she realize that im sick and i need sleep!!???!!!!

    neways, so everytime i sneeze or get the urge 2, my eyes water and sometimes it looks like im cryin. i woke up this mornin w/ a soar throat instead of just a stuffy nose and my dad came into my room (after i had been up 4 a good 15 mins) and he goes "u ok?" and i said 'well im sick' and he goes "yeah u look like it" i felt great after that! i kept lookin in the mirror but i couldnt notice ne difference..other than the fact that i had like no eyeliner on and i had a few more zits than yesterday..but other than that, i didnt get it! :( but w/e

    i havta go take some more medicine! grrrr

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