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Danielle (boybandssuck458) wrote,
@ 2003-11-12 08:24:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:Songs in my head! lol

    dum dum de dum
    wow! i still cant believe the good things happenin 2day!!

    i was typin in my melo when i remembered who our waiter was, from lastnight. then i saw mike touchin all over some girl when he has a g/f (psst, im gonna tell his g/f) and then i saw a john look alike..not necessarily in that order!

    it was more like: i saw the look alike, remembered the waiter and then saw mike and that girl! wow..*dances*

    so i was walkin from my locker to the spot that me and my friends sit @ in the mornin when i saw this kid that was asian and i told nikki and jessica "omg that kid looks exactly like john" and i started laughin and they looked at me funny so i said "he's just chunkier" and nikki went "oh, i thought that was the skinnier version" and i said "no, his face is chunky" but i thought it was hilarious that nikki was dissin john! i found it hilarious! so i kept laughin and then i hadta stop and laugh b/c i was laughin so hard! then liz told me i needed help..but thats nothin new

    then i was in here typin my melo when i remembered who our waiter was lastnight! i saw him lookin @ me funny and then i realized that he was my brothers friend..i totally 4got bout him til now..i was rememberin what he looked like, in my head and then BOOM! it came 2 me..i was so shocked..

    then i just saw mike and this girl! my cracks me up how he was all over here and stuff and he has a g/f..his hand is on her upper leg and theyre flirtin so bad its not even funny! when im just startin 2 like his g/f..he hasta go and touch other girls, whats up w/ that?! but it makes me laugh! lol

    so 2day is pretty damn good and its only 2nd hr. what will happen next? dun dun dun!! lol

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