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Rachel (born2luvdevon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 17:36:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:all american rejects "happy endings"

    new blurty!! how exciting! i decided to start one of these awesome things. decided is a confusing word, bcuz the rule is i before e except after c, and decided has a c but the i just comes rite after it. no e. how strange...haha anyways today there was a lot of snow. i was supposed to babysit my nextdoor neighbors from 5:30-11:00 and get super rich $$$ EXCEPT the snow made the xmas party they were going to get canceled. i was sad :( in other news... i watched the santa clause with lena today! i wanted to watch home alone, except our copy is all messed up with the tracking and stuff so i got wicked sad :(:(:( but trevor, my friend, (hes from canada!!!) was there to console it was all good! exactly one week from, hannalas and lisa will be dancing to HEY YA at the hollyball!! wow thats gonna be fun...yeah so i feel like im just blabbing on and on so i will do this nice lil survey thing that hannalas had:

    Who was the last person...
    You touched? yoda
    You talked to? my dad
    You hugged? my dogs
    You instant messaged? lisa
    You yelled at? lena

    Have you/are you/do you....
    Considered a life of crime? everyday.
    Considered being a hooker? once again, everyday
    Considered being a pimp? all the time
    Split personalities? i dont know, do i?
    Schizophrenic? that wud be...?
    Obsessive? im not gonna answer that one
    Obsessive compulsive? yes
    Panic? not really
    Anxiety? sometimes
    Depressed? barely
    Suicidal? haha like 20 minutes ago...but i was kidding..
    Obsessed with hate? um no?
    Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? wow that sounds pleasant, but no
    Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? no
    Understanding: yeah, most of the time
    Open-minded: i believe so
    Arrogant: i dont think so
    Insecure: not really
    Interesting: i think i am a very interesting person.
    Hungry: no
    Friendly: yes sir E
    Smart: I AM A SMART GIRL dont let my grades fool you
    Moody: im not sure
    Childish: hmmm
    Independent: i like to think so
    Hard working: in some areas
    Organized: yeah
    Healthy: well im not dying am i?
    Emotionally Stable: i guess so?
    Shy: u tell me
    Difficult: of course not
    Attractive: haha hanna i think u are beautiful my dear
    Bored Easily: nope
    Thirsty: i want a beer. haha no jk a strawberry dacquiree with my fellow dacquiree lover emily
    Responsible: yes
    Sad: no
    Happy: yeah
    Trusting: yeah
    Talkative: depends
    Original: i like to think so
    Different: from you
    Unique: umm i think?
    Lonely: no
    Color your hair? yeah
    Have tattoos? no needles in my skin? ummm no thanks.
    Piercings? 2 per ear, so far, my nose soon. im doing it myself. and my tongue ;)
    Have a boyfriend? nope
    Floss daily? more like never
    Own a webcam? no
    Ever get off the damn computer? yes

    Current Clothes: josie and the pussycat pajamas and an evergreen sweatshirt with pizza sauce on it :)
    Current Mood: contenta
    Current Taste: the drawstrings of my pajama pants :)
    Current Hair: up and damp (shower)
    Current Annoyance: i cant stop chewing on my drawstrings
    Current Smell: nothing
    Current thing you ought to be doing: something. i dont know what tho.
    Current Desktop Picture: devon sawa!
    Current Favorite Band: the all american rejects
    Current DVD In Player: X2: X-Men United!!
    Current Refreshment: nothing
    Current Worry: nothing
    Current Crush: andrew!!
    Current Favorite Celebrity: Orlando Bloom, Devon Sawa, Johnny Depp, Shawn Ashmore...

    well i know u enjoyed that so im gonna get off....*ciao*

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