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Alli Young (bonsproblmchild) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 17:08:00
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    ARPIL 28, 2003
    Long and kick ass Bon would say- "And I'm just itching to tell you about them! Oh, what wonderful fun!" heh mom had to drive her friend, Maggie to the airport in Jacksonville on Friday (the 25th) and I went with her. On the way home I channel surfed and some killer radio station-Rock 105-they played Aerosmith, Zeppelin, AC/DC, Tom four soungs in a row of my faves. And there was this commercial that said that Va Halen and AC/DC cover bands were playing the next night at Imposterpalooza. I didn't even think of REALLY going -even though I wanted to- 'cos it was in Jacksonville and she (my mom) wouldn't go back. But when we were at the mal and I was buying my hat for my Angus outfit for the last day of school and I was on the phone with Carlie and I'm just like-Man I wana go..this sucks. So I kept saying to my mom..(all sad like) so I guess we cant go see that show tonight are we? It took me 'till we LITERALLY were getting in the car to leave to get her to agree to go. It was in St. Augestine.The show started at 5 and we left at like 6:40 and got there at about 8:00. Of course, I wore my brand new Angus schoolboy outfit. We stopped to pay parking and Im like "Who's been on so far?"
    Her-"Van Halen's playing right now"
    (By the way...there was a local band called "Big Engine" opening)
    Me- "Did we miss AC/DC?"
    Her- "No, they haven't gone on yet"
    Thank freaking God....I do a little vistory dance in the car and my mom rolls her eyes. So we par and I get out and Im thinknig 'WHY am I wearing this Godforsaken outfit!?!?' But I soon found out this was a good idea. Anyhoo...we're walking around this little ticket office thing and this dude says to his friend "Man, Looks, it's Angus!"
    And we walk up to the gates and we hear "Van Halen" (Eruption, i think their name was) start their last song-"Hot For Teacher" and I see this truck and booth thing from...ROCK105! and two DJs and as Im walkin' up..they fucking start clapping!!!!!! I was like...NO WAY!! THEYRE ACTUALLY CLAPPING...FOR ME!?!??! So I go over there and they tell me how great my getup was and they're like "So I guessyou're not here for the Van Halen part of the show?"
    Me-"Is it that obvious?"
    They laugh.
    "You'll be in the fron then i take it?"
    Me-"Hell yeah if I can get a seat"
    Then DJ #1 takes me off to the side and he has something in his hand and he's like "Dont tell anyone we gave you these, we're not supposed to give 'em out...its' not much but I had to give you something" (something to that effect but EXACT words are not my common practice) I mean the way he had his hand I thought he was gonna drop a joint in my hand or somethin'...
    It was to red keychain/beer bottle openers and they said they'd give us Tshirts later (and sure enough I got one) So then we sign this list thingie to get Skynyrd into the RnR Hall of Fame...but I digress...
    So, we go in and I kid you not, like 50 people told me how awesome I looked and came to me and shook my hand and high fives and rock signs(that rhymed)-yknow the pinkie and pointer thing-and a buncha people did Angus's little finger horn thing at me. I so felt like I really belonged there and frankly-I kicked ass!...For a couple hourse anyway.
    I was sitting there-in the front row. (Just fyi..there was a huge space between the front row and te stage) i dont know everyone's real name in the band so Imma call them by who they portray (that rhymed) ok anyway..
    so Im sittin' there w/ my feet up on the railing and radio DJ#2 comes up to my w/ a silver digital camra in his hand...
    DJ#2-"Can I take your picture?" My eyes get all big, like what what what!?!?! ME!?..."for the website"
    So I say Sure and I get up and do the Angus horns and kinda growl at him (like the Highway to Hell cover, ya know?) so he takes 2 pics and he's like "Thanks! can see 'em on"
    Me-"Yeah I know I was there this morning"
    So he tells me that they'd be up there in about a week...
    THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!....(yes it gets better, much better)..I'm sitting there again and I see "Angus" (Evan) being the stage smoking (eww) and tuning his guitar and fuckin' with the amps and stuff...and Im like "hey Mommy, look its Angus..kinda" and i point to him. And the radio was playin' and like what comes on but WALK THIS WAY! and "Angus" (still behind that stage) starts playing aloing with it!!!!!!!!!! So he messes with the amps some more and gets 'em right and puts down his guitar. Then "Malcolm" was walkin' around on stage then he RUNS back behind the stage and grabs "Angus" by his jacket and drags him out on stage (keep in mind this is still before the show, people are walking around...yadda yadda) and he ("Malcolm") points out torward the audience. There was some dude walkin' around in front of me so I couldnt really see and IM like "Mom, what are they looking for"
    Her-"They're looking for you!!"
    HUH!?!? So like the guy moves and "Malcolm"'s like.."Look right there" and points right at me!!!!!!!! Crap...I gotta go mother needs the phone, ill finish this later...

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