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i am your virus (boldfaced_lie) wrote,
@ 2003-10-21 14:37:00
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    Current music:The Postal Service "Morning Becomes Eclectic"

    So the PSAT's didn't go so hot but i released all of my pent up rage on an innocent victim...well possibly not so innocent nonetheless:
    BettrThanNothin: id probably pull the trigger
    BettrThanNothin: but thats just me
    kelseywins: wait wait why are you talking to me?
    BettrThanNothin: lol
    BettrThanNothin: IM JK
    BettrThanNothin: hey kelsey how r u
    kelseywins: hey dumbfuck i was doing just great until you decided to im me
    BettrThanNothin: take the psat today
    kelseywins: yes
    BettrThanNothin: and howd u think u did
    kelseywins: no seriously why are you still talking to me
    BettrThanNothin: so did u see the foootball game on friday
    kelseywins: why do you bother?
    BettrThanNothin: kelsey why such animostity
    kelseywins: animosity* this is just a shot in the dark, but possibly because i don't like you
    BettrThanNothin: why not
    BettrThanNothin: I JOKE WITH U
    BettrThanNothin: do u not have a sense of humor
    kelseywins: when its coming from you...apparently not
    BettrThanNothin: why
    kelseywins: ok did we not already cover this?
    BettrThanNothin: hmm i thought u were just being like pretend mean
    kelseywins: ohhh thats definately it!
    BettrThanNothin: sarcasm
    BettrThanNothin: seriously tho
    kelseywins: are you honestly asking that question
    BettrThanNothin: yeah
    BettrThanNothin: come on
    BettrThanNothin: be my friend
    BettrThanNothin: pretty please
    kelseywins: right away!
    BettrThanNothin: seriously tho, do u really not like me?
    kelseywins: what do you think?
    BettrThanNothin: im hoping that its just a play
    kelseywins: if you want to think its just a play then by all means i can't stop your thoughts
    BettrThanNothin: DUDE
    BettrThanNothin: lets halt the sarcasm for like half a sec
    kelseywins: whatever are you talking about
    BettrThanNothin: do u really hate me?
    BettrThanNothin: seriously
    kelseywins: you are a smart boy, i trust that you can reach that conclusion all on your own!
    BettrThanNothin: ok
    BettrThanNothin: sounds good
    kelseywins: again, your words...not mine
    with a handshake and an evil cackle,

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