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Chibi (boho_love) wrote,
@ 2003-02-22 11:41:00
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    Man of Action (1/1) NC-17 VM/SB
    My first slash fic! Now all of you go read! It's RPS which means Real Person Slash so take heed. For those who do not know, Viggo played Aragorn in Lord of The Rings and Sean played Boromir.

    Title: Man of Action
    Author: Steff
    Rating: NC-17
    Pairing: VM/SB
    Summary: Sean’s in town, and Viggo wants to be a man of action.
    Disclaimer: The boys exist, what happened in the story does not.
    Feedback: I’ll take it all!
    Author Notes: My first RPS fic. Beware! I have a strawberry jam kink/fetish going on right now. Yeah, disturbing. Big hugs, and thanks to my wonderful beta, karelian!

    The clock chimed out twelve times marking midnight. Outside the soft hum of LA traffic started to permeate through the walls of Viggo’s loft. Inside the loud inconsistent snoring of Sean on the couch made its way up the ladder to Viggo in his bed. It goes without saying that Viggo could not sleep.

    That’s the last time I take Sean out drinking in L.A. Viggo then proceeded to muse over the events that had transpired other the course of the previous day. He had gone to pick up Sean at the airport early in the morning and then dropped off his stuff at his loft. Together they spent the day touring L.A. During the afternoon they took a break at Vig’s loft and toured each of their bodies. In the evening they went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was a small place around the corner from Viggo’s loft and it was fairly inexpensive. Sean and himself had agreed early on in their relationship that they would try to eat at rather inexpensive places to seem inconspicuous.

    The meal was delicious, followed by fortune cookies. Which were equally delicious. Or rather the fortunes were equally delicious. Viggo enjoyed telling Sean of the American custom of adding – in bed – to the end of the fortunes.

    [You finally get your due - in bed] Read Viggo’s.
    [Beware of sweet things – in bed] Read Sean’s.

    They both exchanged hungry looks. Afterwards Sean decided for the both of them that they would go out drinking. So they did. Sean did a lot of drinking. A lot more then he was supposed to. Which led Viggo to attempt to carry him out of the bar they were in. After much help from several of the other bar-goers, Viggo and a very drunk Sean were in a cab on the way back to Viggo’s loft. On the way there Sean started reciting his lines of Macbeth and tried to grope Vig.

    An hour after the cab dropped them off, Viggo had managed to half-carry/half-pull Sean up the stairs to his loft. As soon as Sean hit the couch in the loft he was sleeping which led Viggo to try and go to sleep. Of course he didn’t. He pondered the events of the day and finally started to cogitate about their relationship as all do when their lovers are asleep and they are all alone in the dark.

    Lovers are supposed to balance each other out. Sean balanced him and Viggo out all by himself. It seemed that out of all Viggo’s lovers Sean was the most patient, and most impatient out of them all. He had a feline’s grace when he wanted to be slow, alluring, and sensual. Then of course Sean could have a tiger’s ferociousness when he wanted it fast, hard, and quick.

    Viggo on the other hand was less adventurous as he would like to believe. Something changed in him during the filming in New Zealand. He played a king, a Ranger, and a fighter. Aragorn was strong and brave and would give his life for a cause. In the end Viggo would too but it depended on the cause. Viggo was a Renaissance man. He liked to sit and muse and write his poetry. Aragorn was a man of action. Viggo wanted to be a man of action. Sean was a man of action. It showed quite clearly in their relationship, as Sean was always the dominant one.

    It was 12:30 and L.A. was quite alive. Viggo propped himself up and looked around in the darkness of his loft. Even with the lights of the hustle and bustle of L.A. streaming through the windows it was still dark. He got up and moved to hold on to the rail so that he could look down at Sean. Sean was fast asleep. And it seemed that Viggo’s mind was working away devising a plan to become more of a man of action then he was.


    Sean pushed Viggo up against the landing and kissed him roughly. Sean wasn’t using his feline grace tonight. Viggo winced as his head bounced against the wall ever so slightly. Not time, yet, he thought as he felt Sean snake his hand down to his lower regions to grope him. Viggo moaned into Sean’s mouth and started moved against Sean’s hand.

    Freeing his mouth from Sean’s he gasped for air. “Let’s go inside shall we?” He smirked and led the way up one more flight of stairs to reach his loft. Digging in his pocket he found his keys and had to hit the door quite hard so that it would open.

    “You, upstairs now.” Sean raised an eyebrow at this command but happily complied. Viggo walked over to the kitchen and grabbed exactly what he was looking for and followed Sean up that ladder to get to his bedroom. Sean had made himself comfortable by lounging out on the bed seductively and, as Viggo guessed, was in the nude. His hard cock stood at attention just waiting for Viggo to hurry up.

    “What’s in your hand?” he inquired.

    Viggo put the unlabeled jar down on the bedside table and began to take of his shirt. “A snack for tonight.” Off went his shirt, then shoes and socks, and then finally the last layers of his clothing were gone. “Do me a favor, and lay on your stomach.”

    Sean immediately sat up with curiosity and eagerness. “Why?”

    “I want to give you a back rub. We’ve been running around a lot for two days and your muscles might be tired,” Viggo supplied.

    “Don’t take too long.” Sean turned himself over. He tried to hide the moan that went past his lips as his cock rubbed against the bed and sheets. Viggo heard it but made no move to show he noticed it.

    He put his knees on either side of Sean and rested back against his backside. He then slowly and tantalizingly started to rub his hands across and into Sean’s back. Working up a rhythm he started to grind his own cock against Sean.
    As Sean languidly closed his eyes and fell subject to the rhythm, Viggo reached over to the nightstand with one hand and opened up a drawer and pulled something out and set it next to the unlabeled jar.

    “Turn over but keep your eyes closed.” Viggo then commanded and got off of Sean.

    Sean felt his head get heavier and feel even a bit drowsy.

    Sean was less than happy about the rate these events were transpiring but still complied even if it was slowly because of the drowsiness. “Hurry up Vig.” Viggo smiled and straddled him once again. He leaned over and picked up the item he had taken out of drawer from the nightstand. The item happened to be handcuffs, which Viggo was hurrying to attach from Viggo’s wrists to the metal barred headboard. Sean’s eyes snapped open but he could hardly move.

    “Vig, what the bloody-“ He was cut off by Viggo’s lips pressing against his in earnest.

    “Sean, shut the bloody hell, will you?” Viggo said. Like before Sean complied.

    Reaching over to his nightstand he pulled the unlabeled jar off of it. He took off the lip and sent it flying over to the stand. He put his hand in it and took a glob of the substance and spread it all over Sean’s chest and then his cock.

    He looked up at Sean after spreading as much as he could of the substance.
    “What do you know? My favorite, strawberry jam.” Winding down he began to lap up the jam from Sean’s chest. He picked up a moan coming from Sean when his tongue came in contact with one of Sean’s nipples. “How sweet.”

    The rest of the night was spent finishing up the jar of jam. By the end of night Viggo was quite full and not just with jam.


    Sean awoke the next morning with a headache. He took stock of his surroundings and saw that he was in bed with Viggo. He also noticed that he was quite sticky.

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