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tami (bo0tyqueen) wrote,
@ 2003-06-18 23:38:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:nuthin... my window player is broken right now

    you know what i need? a job. i've been telling this to myself for the past few months, but i've just been too lazy to actually go out there and look. i cannot survive on just $12 a week (yeah, that's my allowance... pretty pitiful, eh?) and if i want that walkman md player, i'm gonna need the bling-bling.

    the thing is that other than that i'm lazy to go find a job, i'm pretty picky on where i want to work. first of all, i don't have a car, so that limits the places to where i work to about 10 miles (thats how far my parents would probably drive me). second, i will not work at a food place. i refuse too... well, at a fast food at least. i don't want to come home smellin like fried food... and i'll probably end up gaining, like, 10 pounds because i actually love fast food and i'll be eating that stuff nonstop. i also don't want to work at the walmart or target that is nearby our house because there are already enough people i kno from school working there and it would just be too awkward for me. and lastly, i have no work experience what so ever. the only thing i've done is volunteer work... would that count?

    blaaaahhh..... i dunno. i shouldn't actually be finding a job right now though because we're goin to d.c. and new york next month for a few weeks and i don't think that the people at the new job would appreciate me leaving after they just hired me. i guess i should be thinkin about this stuff when i get back... but argh... i so need money so bad.....

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