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tami (bo0tyqueen) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 00:07:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:the ataris - in this diary

    my perfect man
    the reason why i have never been in a serious relationship before is because i am extremely picky. how picky? well, since i am extremely bored at this very moment and am in a listing mood, i will list the extensive qualities of my perfect man (if there even is one). the ones with the + means that it is a must.

    1. + does not smoke. i can't stand the smell and the fact that it takes years of your life isn't a good thing.
    2. does not do drugs. i am such a goody-goody
    3. + has a good sense of humor. this is *the* quality all women i kno of that they look for in a guy. who wants some bland, dull man that can't make you smile. i love to smile and i'll need a guy to help put it on my face.
    4. can support himself. no mooching from mummy and daddy.
    5. has a car. my parents hate driving me everywhere...
    6. + affectionate. i love hugs and kisses... who doesn't?
    7. has a gorgeous smile. devin has such a gorgeous, contageous smile that just makes my heart flutter... *sigh*
    8. + lives within a 20mi radius. i am too lazy for a long-distance relationship
    9. no long hair. i guess it depends on what the guy looks like (his face shape, the look), but i dislike long hair on guys... very very short hair/bald isn't that good either
    10. doesn't have a lot of body hair. hairy chests disgusts me...
    11. nice skin. a pimple here or there is fine, but not so much that that will be all i'll focus on whenever i look at your face.
    12. loves to watch movies. i am a movie fanatic.
    13. liberal. i am so liberal and am passionate about many topics that being with someone who is extremely conservative will drive me crazy.
    14. + isn't very self-centered. i'm sick of hearing from guys about how perfect/athletic/smart they are.
    15. knows what kind of information to keep to himself. i saw a guy who told me that he slept naked the first time he called me and how he had to share a bed with some other guy who did too at some camp... not something i needed to know.
    16. loves to travel.
    17. doesn't have a lot of facial hair. no beards or moustaches please.
    18. has an athletic body. not too buff like hulk hogan or whatever... more like a tom cruise kind of bod
    19. likes to play around.
    20. isn't extremely religious. i'm an athiest....... so yeah, wouldn't work out
    21. + is trustworthy and honest.
    22. + is respectful.
    23. nice teeth. doesn't have to be straight (heman has cute crooked teeth, hehe), but it shouldn't be yellow and missing
    24. can keep a conversation going. i hate hate hate awkward silences
    25. + knows the ways to make me happy
    26. is taller than me. it can't be that hard tho considering that i ain't all that tall anyways
    27. intelligent. doesn't have to be too smart, but slow guys bore me...
    28. + makes time for me.
    29. likes dogs. i have a dog so it would make sense if he wants to come over
    30. plays at least one sport. doesn't matter if he plays it in school or just in his free time... i just don't like lazy asses

    blah... i know theres more, but man, i'm getting tired. i know, you must be thinkin... wow this girl has no life...which is so true. *sigh*

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