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Brianna (bndg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 02:24:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Rockford Files

    Another Day...
    Another journal entry. So what did I do today? I spent most of it on the phone. I am getting ready to go to college, and I have decided to live in an apartment and not the dorms. I had to find out all kinds of information. I needed to know if they had any handicapped accessible, what they considered handicapped accessible, how much was rent, do they allow cats, how far from the campus is it, what floors are the handicapped accessible rooms on? So I spent today calling a ton of apartments and trying to find out the answers to these questions. From what I gather I found several that will fit all of my needs, which is unusual for me.

    I am sooo excited, because this means that I am going to be able to bring my cat from MI to live with me. When I first moved to WV I wasn't able to bring my cat because my roommate was allergic to animals. Damn Allergies. Once we had lived here awhile my mom and our roommate got two German Shepherds puppies (with papers). But they are outdoor only, and my cat is indoor only. She wouldn't be able to survive outside because she has no claws. So I have been missing her a lot lately and I was hoping that I could find an apartment that will allow me to bring her out here. I think that I would be really lonely living in an apartment by myself, unless I had her with me. She would keep me from being lonely. So I called around and it seems that most of the apartments will allow her. I am so excited now that I know that. I will know for sure tomarrow, when I pretty much decide what apartment I am going to live in. I once we find two apartments that I believe will fit my needs the best, we are going to drive down there and spend a couple of days going to apartments, to see if they are as good in life as they are on paper. Then we will also decide how I am going to get from the apartment to the campus. Some of the apartments are only a block away, so I could just wheel there, but some are as much as 20 mins. away, and I will have to find some way to get there since I can't drive anymore. I am hoping that I won't have to take either of those apartments. One thing is for sure, I won't get an apartment that won't allow my cat to be with me, unless all of the other apartment complexes are full and I don't have a choice.

    I found out why my special someone couldn't chat with me. It was because along with having a ton of homework to do, his MSN wasn't working so he couldn't get online to chat with me. I also think that he just didn't think far enough ahead to realize that I might be worried about him. He seemed really surprised that I was concerned at all, but then I explained why and he apoligized. He just never left me hanging before. In the past if we were surposed to chat and he couldn't he would find a way to let me know, but this time he didn't which made me concerned. So after he heard that he came back and said that if I had done that to him, he would have gone crazy trying to figure out if I was even alive. Which is always questionable with my history. I have had two close calls already, but that just makes me believe that there truley is a reason for me to live. Who knows, that could just be wishful thinking, but even if it is, I am going to do my best to make some changes to this world.

    I was also really happy that tonight I got to talk to my someone on the phone. I haven't ever done that before. It was really cool, but for some reason I feel closer to him when we are chatting. I think that it could be because when we are chatting I have a picture of him, that I get to see all of the time, but when we are on the phone I don't have that picture. But in the end it doesn't matter because I want to talk to him either way I can. I love spending time with him. He makes me feel so special. I know that I'm special and I know that I would be OK if I don't find my true love. I also know that I would be a lot happier if I did. He makes me feel like he sees who I am and not the fact that I'm in a chair. He has learned a lot about how hard it is to live with someone who has an injury like mine. We are thankful that we aren't as bad off as others, but it's still hard on your love ones. He just doesn't care. But I'm afraid that if we go any farther, he will end up caring. It will take someone who truley loves you to not mind helping you out, and I have a hard time believing that anyone will ever feel that way about me. But that's my low self-esteme, and I am trying to get better.

    I do want to apologize to anyone who reads this for the terrible spelling. I can't spell to save my life, and for once I'm to tired to spell check it. Well guys and gals, this is going to have to be it for me today because I'm tired and I need to get some sleep. As I write this I am eating some Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips, and I think that I might have a cavity...this is going to suck major if it's true. They have a bitch of a time just cleaning my teeth, so I am afraid of them doing anything more. I don't even have a dentist here in WV. I still go back to MI for my dentist appointments. I also am afraid of dentists, ever since one almost killed me and caused me to have heart trouble for awhile, when he tried to get my wisdom teeth does anyone know of a great dentist in WV who you would trust with your life? I need to find one and i would love to hear what you have to say and what you think.

    Have a great day, and take care of yourselfs, you never know what's going to happen.

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