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Brianna (bndg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 00:58:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:VH1 Speical

    I stole this.....
    [1] What is your pet peeve?: Liars and people who complain about nothing at all or stupid things
    [2] What is the most miniscule thing that ever made you cry?: Oh God - movies
    [3] What is the most shallow moment of your life?: My High School years 9-11 and part of my Senior year
    [4] What is something you complain about, but really shouldn't?: Pain? It's the only thing I complain about--ok and not chatting with my someone someone
    [5] What is the saddest moment in your life?: When my uncle died unexpectedly last year
    [6] How about the happiest?: My junior prom--boy do I need a life!
    [7] How about the scariest?: The car accident number 3 (during), and car accident number 4 (afterward)
    [8] The most painful?: My third car accident---lots and lots of broken bones! HELL I still hurt from it 4 almost 5 years later.
    [9] Do you believe in true love?: Absolutely
    [10] Do you believe in staying abstinent until marriage?: Um, no
    [11] To the question above, why or why not?: Because I truely believe that you have to sleep (at least once) with the person you will marry to make sure you have that sexual chemistry and attraction - I believe a horrible sexual relationship can end any marriage before your wedding's honeymoon is over!!
    [12] Do you believe in God or any other religious figure?: God
    [13] To the question above, why or why not?: Because He was with me when I needed him the most. He was holding me when the third accident was happening
    [14] What kind of wedding would you most like to have?: Small - and outside in Hawaii
    [15] Gore or Bush and why?: Gore--cause he was the better man!!!
    [16] Pro-choice or Anti-Abortion, and why?: Pro-choice because I believe every woman should have the decision to keep their baby - but I don't think it should be used as birth control
    [17] For or against the death penalty and why?: Against for 4 reasons. 1)More innocent the guilty die 2)It's three times more expensive then to let them live 3)It's the easy way out for the "truly" innocent 4)It's hypocritical. We say YOU can't kill cause it's wrong but WE can, and we don't care if we all go blind!! You know for the whole eye for an eye quote
    [18] Describe the perfect house: Something in Hawaii on the beach and not a single neighbor inside 2 miles or on a ranch in like Arizona
    [19] What do you want to be when you grow up?: Someone who makes money--in the field of Criminology
    [20] What do you want to do with your life?: I just want to be happy and without pain
    [21] What are your biggest goals?: Graduating, living on my own without help
    [22] What are your favorite names for children?: Girls: Riley, Mary, Kate, Ashley, and Morgan - Boys: Tyler, Tobey, Will, and Bobby
    [23] Unrealistically speaking, if you could do anything, what would it be?: GET BACK EVERYTHING I LOST IN MY THIRD CAR ACCIDENT!!
    [24] What's the most vivid dream you remember from your childhood?: Being on a priate boat, and watching helplessly as the priates killed her, then as they came towards me, I would wake up screaming
    [25] What is (are) your worst bad habit(s): Not drinking water and eating right--I just eat junk food when I eat!
    [26] What's your sexual fetish?: N/A
    [27] Use one word to describe yourself: Good-Listener
    [28] What was your favorite Halloween costume?: Rainbow Brite
    [29] What was your favorite Christmas present?: Any jewerly (REAL JEWELS)
    [30] How would you like to die? (because eventually we all have to die): Happy and with my lover/husband

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