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BluJ (bluj) wrote,
@ 2005-06-14 22:49:00
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    Whoa! Freaky movie. I love horror flicks and can watch anything but tonight watching this newly purchased, never seen before dvd, I was actually afraid to sit outside on my back patio in the dark. I think I'll rank this up with The Grudge as far as freaky-evilness. I've been trying to work on my Horror dvd collection. I purchased "Demons", a B-rated horror flick I'd watched while in junior high or high school. I thought it was pretty cool back then but I wonder how I'll react watching it now...probably ask myself, "what the hell'd I see in this..." I can only laugh.

    I've been like a major soul-sista lately, ripping and downloading soul music, mainly from the 60s and 70s. I'm proud of the expanse of musical taste I have. I get a kick out of folks at work laughing at what comes in for day it's Led Zeppelin, next it's Aretha Franklin. Really freaks them out when death metal comes in. It's funny how I love music so much but can't figure out how to play an instrument. I long to. It just never happens. I'll just blame it on ADD.

    Sometime, I miss being single. I miss the times where I can wake up at midnight and go dancing. Miss just being to myself or just getting laid. I love Cindie but often wonder how much we actually love one another. Often times we act like "buddies"; I can't remember when the last time we held hands. And with each time I wonder, she's always so sweet to me; like she knows what I'm thinking. It's only been two years and little over but it feels like several years at times. It takes a lot for someone to keep me interested and I question my interest. Maybe I wasn't meant to be "partnered" or in a committed relationship. Considering how I am and my siblings not marrying, it makes me think that it's not in my cards. I don't think everyone on Earth is meant to marry or have children anyhow so it doesn't take me by surprise that I still think this way (even after therapy). Only time will tell...

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