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Bluesboy (bluesboy) wrote,
@ 2003-11-30 20:29:00
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    i should be doing homework instead
    i'm glad the last two weeks are over

    the 18th was the jason mraz show here, which on the same day i had a physics test to deal with too. the morning sucked as usual, since all our crew was in class, making unloading the truck somewhat unpleasant. amazingly enough, we weren't behind schedule at all that day, and i got a B on my test. i didn't care too much for mraz, but his opening act, tristan prettyman, i really enjoyed.

    thursday was then the sharon katz show, another all day work day when i wasn't in class, not to mention a diff eq test that day as well. there was less to do for that show, but it was still hectic at times. i think the best bit of the day was during the show, when denis, myself, jason, (all managers) were all sleeping in the balcony at the same time. the show was alright. the band was really good, i just didn't get into it that much.

    so at this point it's friday, and after the week i had i was about ready to cry (seriously), but jess bought me a sandwich from the deli in douglas, which definitely started to make things better, and then we came back to the apartment and watched blues brothers, which washed everything away.

    saturday i went with dewey to the football game, in which we pretty much destroyed eastern mich. the first half was a bit of a struggle, but we completely ran away with it in the second half to finish the season with a 10-2 record. not too shabby. and at said game, i see none other than the infamous mike webber. so i call him up after the game, and meet up with him over at his girlfriends place, which funny enough is visible from my window, and hung out there for a while.

    not much went on then before thanksgiving break started wednesday, when i made the trek back to rockford. wednesday night bill and i went to perkins to meet up with my buddy dan and sister brittany for a good discussion and catch up time, and then bill and i shot back to his house and got into 2 heated scrabble games, which bill came away with in the end by just a few points (only 1 in the first game, bastard). thursday was thanksgiving, which isn't anything new, and i ate food, which is also nothing new. friday i met up with ric for a great day that went from the times lounge, to minglewood, to the coronado, to cherry bowl to meet up with jess and becca pink, then to lazer quest for shooting people but not hurting them at all, then to vinny's on broadway (formerly franky's on broadway, i've probably mentioned it before) for what in my opinion is the best pizza in rockford. after that i went back to the house, read some more, then went to bed. saturday i returned to dekalb, and went to see nickie, whom i hadn't seen in quite some time, to catch up on times gone by.

    saturday night was kind of an impromptu auburn reunion party, which was a happening place. as i remember, it was marrianne, soumya, ally (sp?), jackie, nate shaver, james j, steve nelson (the man himself), magnusson, drew v, steve kerr, and there's a few more i can't remember because i never really knew them all that well to begin with. but it was a good time.

    today has been really lazy, and i've been putting off homework i need to do, but i'll be ok. i always manage to pull it off somehow. heh, it's 9:12 as i look at my clock right now, and i started this post 40 minutes ago. that's some weird, wild stuff. it's also an example of how i have to think about what to put in these things.

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