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Lauren (blueorchid18) wrote,
@ 2004-09-19 23:39:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Butterfly- Crazytown

    So sexy almost evil
    OK if everything you write in your away message/profile has ;-) after it, you're not cute, you're NOT sexy, you're not funny, YOU ARE lame. If you think putting ;-) in your profile makes people think you're actually doing something cool, dangerous, sexy, fun, we know you're not because you're a LOSER.
    Ha! You're not fooling anyone! In fact, we're laughing at you this very minute!
    Ha that felt great! But honestly, am I not right folks??? You know you've all wanted to say that, but you dont have to! I just said it for you! You're welcome!
    So anyway, life has been awsum lately! No longer do i feel like little miss misery. Could it be friends? family? lithium? Yes!
    Friday was a little thing i like to call Suite Party. First we went to applebees- i used to associate applebees with losers because thats where people in my highschool used to like to go, but now that my friends and i went, it's been redeemed with coolness and such. Then we came back and well, such began a night of merriment, asshole, spinning, cottage cheese, firedrills and other such festivities. Yes, it ended with me looking at cottage cheese a slightly different way and getting sad and swearing off men forever and all time. Ahh let us not forget the midnight firedrill where a very drunken Foery hall stumbled out into the quad and chanted "FOERY FOERY" in the rain. I had to go to class the next morning. Yes on a saturday, bastard. I went with a blazing headache because yes, i fell out of bed. Litereally. On my head. and yes, it hurt. And i probably deserve it for being such a blazing arse. But ayway, i worked with a really cool girl, liz, on lesson planning things and such. Liz is gorgeous. Model beautiful. And funny and nice as hell. Does it sound like i have a crush?? I'm wondering that myself. Perhaps more admiration, i hope. For i want to be model beautiful, funny, nice, and smart. But as for me, i am just model beautiful. *sigh* What a tragic life. Anyway, i dont remember what happend from when i left to class to when we started drinking again. Oh ya, we went to get stuff to mix drinks with. At 7pm. Lol. We are considering chaning our name to Suite Alcoholism. We got an offer to go bowling, but suite alcohol called our name and drunkeness was our destiny. So it was mixed drinks from 7-11 then came the shots. Oh Lord, the shots....kicked my ass. The spins revisited and said hello. Sad bitterness called my name and anger against Scott surged. ASSSSSSSSSSSSHOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLEEE. But in his defense, he told me many times that he was an asshole. That he was unreliable. He also told me many times that I was stupid, worthless, blah blah blah. Signs of a bad relationship? Perhaps the stupid thing isant that off the mark.... So anyway, i woke up possibly around 11 with a wish to die and never ever wake up and see the sun again. Taking great care not to fall out of bed, i fell out of bed. With a good possibility that i was still drunk, i headed off to scrounge for food. I actually did some work and cleaned the room. My how responsible i am! I headed off to meet mommy for a fantabulous day of lunch and shopping! I picked her up at our fabulous home in the Hollywood hills and i whisked her away in my fabulous Jag to the spectacular....friendlys? Well, i spent all my money on the jag. Anyway, we did much gossip and maw lo gabbin. We did some mall walking, even tho the mall if Klingon for Loser. I got a kickass Halloween shirt because Halloween is the holiday of winners- me. We went to weggies where we got me stunning food supply to keep me up and running on the south beach diet- how i maintain this gorgeous bod. We also got me a wonderful array of lotions and potions to keep this skin clear and silky smooth. Then sadly, it was time for me to take my leave of my anglic maw and head back to the barbie beach house that is my life. I got to dinner just in time to catch the glamourous Lexi, Lauren, and Dan trio. Then, i had to work on my intellect by reading "What is History" by Barbara Carr for my history class tomorrow. Aimee walking into lexi's room to see me, lauren and lexi all reading books and proceeded to get scared and run away thnking she was in the twilight zone. Tomorrow, i'm sure will be all the more delightful for i will be sexy and see the boy that I dig more than dog with a porkchop. I love you all and God bless!

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