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Lauren (blueorchid18) wrote,
@ 2004-08-22 02:00:00
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    wow im fucked up/ u know what i do when im drunk???????????????? blurty!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow im drunk and sleepu, i drank alone toiye. and i drank a lot. i have a good an alcoholic. no not really. scott stuff yeet again./ he finally sis it tonite. enough for me to tell him to fuck off for good. he came into my store and was like, wheres my check? and i was like, locked in the office. and he was like, ok. then left. like he didnt know me. WHAT A FUXKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!! he expects me to twk him and his friends to the adironacks tomorw??????????????????????????? FUCK!! he cxan fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant evern wait till he calls tomorrow so i can tell him to fuck offfffff. it will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooos sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!! ya, i may not have anyfriends or a boyfirnd but fuck i will tell him to fuck off. the ill bring him to the adrionacks so he can ignore me around his friends then get drunk and do what he wnats with me. cuz i have that much self confindence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz ill never find anyone that treats me half way decent, i have no friends. i have kristi and shes the SHIT but no one lse cuodl relly give a fuck. i went over to her place tonite and no one gave a fuck i was there. im not one of threm. so i was like, illgo fuckin home and drink. awww to be numb and not cry in my car cuz i care so muich about someone that could give a fuck about me. i have no feidns. or i wont. fuck i have no one' no one but alochol. mmmmmm i think i migt have a problem. yes . all i wanted to day was a drink.... god, please help me.

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