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Lauren (blueorchid18) wrote,
@ 2004-08-21 03:14:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Zoot Suit Riot- Squirrel Nut Zippers

    You know that you need me.
    Heya journal-rama. So what a great 2 days that have just gone by. Yesterday I went and chilled with maTT in Ctown. It felt like i hadnt seen him in ages. We had soo much effing fun. We went to applebees and made friends with our waitress. She gave him free soup. We had such a good convo. We drove around blaring the "I fucked your boyfriend" song. LOL we got sum furious looks. We got sum 40z and went and drank in a park. I was geekin out and this cop drove into the parking lot and we thought fo shoe we were busted. I thought matt was gunna try to hide in the bushes lol but he was just hiding his bottle. The cop just turned around and by the grace of God, just drove away. *whew* Then we went bak to his place and walked his dog. I was gettin tired, so i left around 11. Scott called me when i was driving back, so i went to his place for a bit. So he tells me that he feels like were getting to serious too fast and that he doesn't want a relationship. Whoa. No kidding. OK i ask, do you have feelings for me? Yes, he says. You wanna hang out with me a lot? I ask. Yeah, he says. You like messing around with me? I ask. Definately, he says. Would you like it if i dated other guys? I ask. Fuck no, he says. Do you want to bang other girls? I ask. Not really, he says. (Cough lie cough cough) So what is youre definition of a relationship? I ask. Come here and kiss me, he replies. Lol fucking boys. Don't know whats good for um. I don't want to hurt you, he tells me. Lol he has no idea how bad he hurts me. All i want is him. But he did not treat me like this, i would not want him in the same way. Messed up? Hell ya! Can i help it? Fuck no! Like if he was like, oh baby, i wanna be with you blah blah blah, I'd be like whoa, whats wrong with you lol. Nothing turns me on like a guy that doesn't call when he says he will, ignores me around his friends, spends me money on beer and pot. Like intellectually, i'm like whoa, i'm a fucking moron. But my heart is like, run to him with all your might! Lol. When ppl treat me well and want to be with me, whoa, what a turn off lol. If somone is actaully good to me, i'm usually bad to them. Anyone know a good therapist??? Haha. So anyway, today kris and i met up at carosel and shopped a while. She got sum computer stuff and i bought---NOTHING! Arent you proud??? I am. We went to Hooters for dinner. Man theirs sum hot girls in there. I gave our waitress a 7$ tip lol. Hey, she was nice ok? PLus, i didnt mean to haha. Scott called and said he wanted to hang out, and i wanted kris to meet him, so we went to his house. He had a friend there and decided he wanted to hang out with him instead. Asshole. So kris and i left and went to salt city porn shop for kicks and giggles. I debated on buying fuzzy handcuffs, but i decided that i would be cheap and if i wanted to tie someone up, i'd do it the old fashioned way. With a scarf and a good ice pick. Stuff there was really expensive, so kris and i went to eckerd and she wanted an effing 30 pack of condoms. She was too chicken to buy them, so me having no shame, got them for her. We went back to her house (which is very nice by the way) and made sum drinks and watched Taking Lives (cuz angelina jolie is HOT) and The Prince and Me which seemed to go on forever. It was soo nice to see kris. She is my sunshine. We had so much effin fun. It felt like we were tight right away again even after not seeing eachother for 4 months. I feel a lil better going back to school knowing i have sucha good friend. She listened to me bitch endlessly about scott. Man, i even annoy myself with this shiza. You think i want to be at his beck and effin call???? But man, when he does call, it's soooooo goood.

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