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Hopeless (bluemoongoddess) wrote,
@ 2005-04-04 22:21:00
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    Current mood: numb
    Current music:Lisa Loeb - She's Falling Apart

    No Surprises Here....
    Turns out my 'friend' from work likes another chick. One closer to his age. One he's taken home twice. And from what she says nothing has happened.

    I'm not in the mood for a fight. She can have him, assuming she even wants him.

    In other news I'm no longer doing the retarded job I've been doing for months, starting Thursday I shall be one step higher (in my opinion and one lower by the manager's).

    I have over 70 hours of music on my computer and I can't find anything I want to listen to. I've flicked through songs, the way someone flicks through channels, for so long I don't even remember the endings of most of these songs.

    sigh... not that it really matters. Not much matters to me anymore....

    I was very tempted to kill myself, or someone else today. And yet I did not. Thus far. I still have 1 hour and 41 minutes by my clock. I was concerned about hurting myself with my (safety) knife, so I intentionally lent it to someone. So I ended up with a glass scrapper, it was kinda dull/dirty and it fucking hurt. but it calmed me down a little. I like knowing even in the most numb of places I can still feel pain. And this thing with 'friend' proves it. I can still hurt.

    Note to self: stop sleeping with people.

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