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jodi (blueeyes102) wrote,
@ 2004-11-19 19:09:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    Finishing last entry...
    okay.. so we went to suncoast, and kalynn was hella scared of the horror movie dolls so she went to an aisle that was lacking horror... and yes. she found the porn aisle!! she was staring and looking at the pictures and pulling the covers off..god it was hillarious. Corrupted young minds. So then we just walked all over and eventually got soem food at the mexican resteraunt. we ended up being late to first period and o nly being there for like 5 minutes.. then gers and myself skipped 2nd, and hung out in pyle's...whioch seems to be our new thing to do. it's cool, just hang out, and finish work that we didnt do (projects and essays) yep then on came third period..Ms. Leylllaaa Beeensssoooon!! wooh!! haha.. and then home..interesting day..right? haha..

    so then wednsday was another day that we went late and basically monica and me picked up krys then eventually gerson and went to mc D's for some grubbage and on to school where gers me and dom went to our fourth periods and then met up in LICK aSS's class and stayed there during our fifth then to newspaper..
    fun day if i do say so myself...

    then yesterday was another good day i skipped second to go to pyle's again and thsi time dom ended up being in there... originally going to pyle's wasnt the plan but it ended up being that after paul told us he HAD to go to second so we had no ride for breakfest.. and then at lunch i ended up not getting to eat either on the account of me being the nice girlfriend and staying in with gers and dom while they fi nished their video production projects and then the rest of the day was easy... aside from dinner with my dad.. and then yeah (me and my dad dont..well see eye to eye all the time if u wanna put things nicely) so a pretty good day for the most part...bought elf and stuff at wal-mizz-art and yeah. el faro with mi hermano y padre.

    then today was good didnt attend seco nd then stayed hella long in fifth period in lick aSs's class with krys monica gers and dom.. then pyle's was fun.. alot of the same jokign and stealing of krys's shoes HAHAHA ((everyone please raise your hand if you are wearing two shoes....ohp...krystal guess you cant be int he 2 shoe group..dom that was hiiillllaaaarrriiious.... )) so now i got home and chilled ate a grilled chese sandwich and have basically sat around trying to find something to do or watch until 630 when i was SUPPOSED To be getting called from gers but he didnt calll so at like 7:10 i called and his punk ass was all oh my dad isnt home yet so i dunno... YOU COULD HAVE CALLED?! ugh.. boys.. and then he could tell i was upset so he LAUGHS then asks oh whats wrong? like its funny and its soemthing he has to do a task to ask if im alright.. damn he should care..and obiously if you think soemthing is wro ng dont laugh cuz something is probably wrong and i feel sick GUH! so i dunno it is lookign in the direction that another fridays night will be wasted yet again.. i miss the games.. i miss the movies.. wth?! he's 17 afterall he shouldnt have to wait till his dad gets home to go out or anything he should be able to call or soemthing.. man oh well respect i guess.. im outie right now im gonna lay down.. ugh.

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