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jodi (blueeyes102) wrote,
@ 2004-11-16 21:08:00
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    they're holding hands and life was perfect. first entry.. i hope this thing turns out good.. i don't know anyone on here aside from dominic.. and i think he's mad at me right now.. ouch.
    running away and hiding with you. was a wierd schedule at school.. we went at 1:07 and left normal time (3:03) but before school..we had to take advantage of a morning we normally spend trying to keep our eyes open during boring lectures and videos.. so around 10:30 I called up monica(wait.. monica is probably my BEST friend.. we have been buddies since pre-school..she lives up the street from the house i grew up in and we have always been really close but never have hung out at school.. odd, i know, but we love eachother. she's family) and she came and picked me up and we got pierce (gerson [we call him pierce because WAY BEFORE I CAME ALONG i guess there was this kid who thought his name was pierce.]..oh..gerson is my boyfriend.. we've been dating a little over a month.. his first real relationship ever, not mine.. but he makes it feel like it is, you know? he's everything i have been needing for a while.. he's great..most of what i write in here will probably consist of something having to do with get used to it.. haha =)..)well where was i?..oh yeah.. we picked up pierce and off to the mall we went..getting there around 11:15, then we realized we had to pick up kalynn (monica's neice..mine too, but not by blood for me, she's about 5..) from kindergarten and we got there and then went BACK TO THE MALL, and we hung out and looked around.. it was cute, because right away kalynn had a big ass crush on gers.. taking my game..damn. haha.. it was cute though.. he's so good with kids, i guess since he has a little brother of his own. it's cute, he acts all like he doesnt care but i know he does. sweet, right? and so we were at the mall and we went to suncoast (for those of you who don't have a suncoast around you it's a movies store...DVDs and movie memorablia (sp?))...finish up in a bit someone called..

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