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BlueEyedGypsy (blueeyedgypsy) wrote,
@ 2003-08-23 11:06:00
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    Men, guys...boys...
    To anyone who knows me well, they know that I'm more the type of girl who leaves the relationship when things begin to get too serious (that whole comitment thing...gah). But now I've found myself wanting a relationship, of course I just had to bloody get myself into a complicated one...really complicated.

    Here's the deal: one of my good friends moved and broke up with her boyfriend (who is also my friend) and left him pretty bitter and hurt. Since she's been gone, he and I have been doing our normal summer shite consiting mainly of swimming and hanging-out. Well, as we did this more and more, we started to hang out every day and swimming evolved into him taking me to the movies...hmmm. One day he just says "So, Mary, what's your dating status?" and that's when it hits me for the first time that he might seriously like me...jesus. This question later evolved into us fooling around (double jesus).

    I still haven't talked to the friend who dumped him, as I'm not really sure where I would begin. I still don't even know what the this relationship is. Normally when things get half this complicated I'm gone, no looking back. This time is different, though, he's my friend and I couldn't bring myself to hurt him. As far as his ex, my friend, goes, I hope what is developing is something serious, because I would rather tell her that we care about each other than we had a 'fling.' I'm still not sure how she will take hearing either of those statements. ~*sigh*~

    So here I sit, popping a couple migraine pills as I shackle my feet to the floor (I can't exactly run now, and I think that's what gets to me the most).

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