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Skittles Taste the Rainbow (blueberrylady) wrote,
@ 2004-09-16 21:01:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:I am His child - Hendrix Choir

    "Thank You Lord, For Hearing Every Prayer..."
    Im not mad. or worried. Excited, never, and sad, nope. Im thankful. Thankful for everything in my life. Ive looked at it differently since last nite. I didnt stare down death in the face but it couldve only taken one car to take my life away. As everyone around me was freaking out and praying "Hail Mary..." and "Lord, please spare our lives".... I wasnt. Not because I didnt know the 'Hail Mary' prayer... but because I was almost welcoming death. It was a strange feeling. I mean, heck yeah, I was scared. Everyone wouldve been. But I wasnt scared of the pain of dying or the fact that I could die. I was scared of not seeing the people I love. What would happen if I did die? How would they react? What would they do? I always wonder that. But anyways.... Im off the subject. Well heck, I dont really know what the subject is. All I know is that God kept all of us safe last night and I look at life differently. I was so happy to be alive today, or at least not in the hospital. I was thankful that my parents didnt have to read my name in the paper. If that makes any sense to y'all. It makes sense to me.

    I may not be, all that you are. I may not be, a shining star. But what I am, I thank the Lord for making me His child. Thank You Lord, for hearing every prayer. Thank you Lord, ofr just being there. Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord, for I am not worthy of your love.

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