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Skittles Taste the Rainbow (blueberrylady) wrote,
@ 2004-09-06 21:24:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:View From Heaven - Yellowcard

    Matthew Lillard is kinda hot! (lol Liz)
    Long eventful weekend! Well okay, long eventful Sunday! There, hows that. Sunday night, I told you, I was going to my aunts anniversary. That was boring. Oh well, family stuff usually is. Not much happened there. Except omg I gotta tell this. So I thought I looked okay in my dress. Ive looked better. But alot of my family and people I havent seen in a loooong time were like "Que bonita!" to my mom about me. It was so cool cuz I knew that it meant how pretty! lol I smiled alot then. heh heh. lol
    We left around 7, which is early since it was suppose to last till 10:30. My mom dropped me off at Saras right after. I was still in my dress. I arrived the same time as Miguel did. No one else got there for a while but when Liz did I wouldnt let her in cuz I couldnt see her in the peep hole. lol We just chilled until Jay got there. Then we watched Hocuz Pocus cuz thats like Saras favorite movie. We got ride to Blockbuster after that and rented 13 Ghosts and The Craft. Those were good movies. I was so scared to watch 13 Ghosts cuz I knpw Megan was like terrified of that movie. Jackel Jackel Jackel! lol Well we watched The Craft 1st. Pretty good movie. Then we got up and went on the computer, ate, and kust hung out. I was trying to stall them movie so it would be too late to watch it. Didnt work. I started out on the floor with Jay and Sara next to me. I wouldnt have minded except I was on the end. I hate bein on the end. Liz and Miguel were laying opposite on the couch, Liz's head next to me. I told her I was really scared. She asked if I wanted to switch places with her so I was on the couch. I said no cuz then Id have nothing behind me cuz the back of the couch is against the edge of the step. The movie barley started and I was so scared Im like Liz can I take you up on that offer now??? We did. lol The movie was really good. I wasnt too scared of the Jackel as I was of The Princess. She creeped the hell out of me!!! So yeah. Im thinking too much about the movie! STOP! Okay so I was totally creeped out by the movie so we watched Freaky Friday after that. We didnt even get like half way through before we had a MASSIVE pillow fight! It was so awesome! I thought I broke my nose though. I was on the couch trying not to get hit and Miguel spotted me and started attacking me but before I reached my hand up to scratch my head and right before he hit me I had my hand by my nose and the pillow smacked my hand into my face. OMG it hurt like hell!! I was fine though. But then Miguel thought it would be funny too turn off all the lights to scare us even more. Yeah, that worked REALLY well! That was NOT sarcasm. I was so freakin scared. We were on separate couches for a while but we got so scared that we all moved to the little couch whose back was against a wall. lol We got up again and Jay turned off the tv, dvd player, AND the cd player. So there was like NO light. Liz, Sara, and Jay had their cell phones tho so that was our source of light. We were waiting for the fan to turn of tho. I wouldve seriously cried if that happened! I was already screaming bloody murder! I had fun screaming when someone would get up so they would get scared and jump on the couch with everybody. heh heh heh. lol I was getting really tired after that. But everyone was going outside so I went with them. Saras dog is seriously the seed of Satan! Wow, that is one evil devil dog. lol We went inside after that and I fell onto my bed like a rock after that. I was so tired. I found out in th morning that I talk in my sleep. How weird is that. Someone told me that once before. I think it was Sara. But no one could inderstand me cuz I was just mumbling. Thats embarrassing. Well I am soooo tired y'all so Im gonna go to sleep. Ciao!

    Im not so confused anymore.... Thx Chris.

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