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aseret in wonderland (blue_85) wrote,
@ 2007-11-27 22:58:00
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    The rest is still unwritten
    One day, I plan to be a published author. I don't care how successful or not I am, I just would love to have something be considered good enough to be published. While I can't give too many of my ideas away, I'll let you have a sneak peek at three of the most developed ones.

    1. Original Fantasy Trilogy
    This one is the most ambitious project I will embark upon. I know it will take me years to develop because I need to thoroughly create the world and the different people that populate it. I already have a rough outline of the first novel in the series, as well as the main characters who I'm dying to explore and sketch out in more detail. In a nutshell, the story is centred around a naive, sheltered girl who is escorted across the country by a streetwise orphan to visit her dying grandfather who she has never seen before, yet along the way they become embroiled in a titanic battle over dominion of the seas. They'll be drama, lust, betrayal, romance and bloodshed as both characters clash and struggle with conflicting emotions as their previously unknown pasts are revealed. I'm also planning a spinoff which would focus on the world under the seas...

    2. Dark, Psychological Thriller
    This is my attempt at a completely different genre, one which I would never have considered before had the idea not just come to me all of a sudden. Without giving too much away, this is a first-person tale about a woman who is on the run after kidnapping her sister's baby. I'm hoping it will be as dark and sinister as I imagine it to be in my head and I hope the twist at the end is original and not contrived. Fingers crossed!

    3. Romance Gone Wrong
    I really enjoy reading romance if it's done well, so I think I want to one day write one myself, partly inspired by observations and situations from my own life and from others around me. It won't be like Bridget Jones chick-lit or a Mills and Boon (the horror!), where there's always a happy ending. No, not my idea - a friendly, bookish woman meets a social, egotistical man, but the transformations they undergo to stay together spells doom for their romance. I'm envisaging it as a film and I know what the last scene will look like already. Quite powerful really.

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