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aseret in wonderland (blue_85) wrote,
@ 2007-11-16 23:59:00
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    Warm and fuzzy on the inside
    I had tequila for the first time today. Oooh boy, the sweet, burning sensation was quite pleasant, much better than what I had expected. Too bad they didn't provide the salt and lemon, so I didn't have the whole experience. Maybe next time ;)

    Somehow it made me feel really happy and I was all smiling. I'm not much of a drinker - I don't feel the need to get drunk to have fun and my wallet would definitely protest if I went drinking every weekend. Yet I'm starting to see the allure of it all. Of course, I'm not planning to make a habit of it - I've seen first hand how ugly that can be.

    That could all change when I go off to Europe though. I'm doing what is essentially a booze tour - apparently I shall be drinking every day and night by the end of it. I'll probably need a few drinks just to feel sober when I get back.

    Anyway, I was feeling woozily tired before, but that's mostly disappeared. I'm just feeling regular tired now. Guess the alcohol is wearing off. Time for bed while the effects are still lingering.

    Good night all! Happy happy joy joy!

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