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blu (blu) wrote,
@ 2003-10-17 01:15:00
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    Current mood:z_z

    You know, you'd think that 18+ year olds would learn to read FAQs, especially for something as simple as validation.

    ..Which leads me to conclude that this site is composed of secretive 17- year olds, who do not reveal their ages. Sure, I'm one of them. But I don't ask questions like "h0w do j00 v4leedait?!! i lyke read da HOLE faq nd i cant fynd anything on it!!" (okay, so maybe the typing isn't all that bad. That's exaggerated.. sadly, some of that other stuff isn't. Like the basic question, for example).

    The board is clogged up with mostly 'VALIDATION!!!! URGENTT!!!!!" requests. No, they're not urgent. Look at the fucking FAQs, for once.

    I'm sorry, I'm being .. yeaah. Whatever that is, I sort of blanked out here.

    And lord, isn't it common sense that, no, Blurty is not supposed to learn you how to put a link to your kewl lil jernal in your AIM buddy profile?! (All that is intentional.. the misspelling/bad grammar, that is.) Is it not common sense?!


    Doesn't help that Blurty is terribly short of active privs.. which I'm not helping any, because I suck. If I even help approve, it could only be mainly in Customization and very basic questions in other cats, and even that's going to be pushing my boundaries.

    Oh, yeah, and Cust needs work. Lots and lots of it. It's overflowing.

    I wish we could just send out automated emails telling people that their requests will be closed for a cleaning of the Cust board, and to click on a "reopen request" link if they really still need help with it. Because having things sit at 6+ weeks old is ridiculous.. and especially so, considering the fact that much of those were opened by inactive accounts.

    Oh, that's another complaint I have. Too many people open requests, abandon their journals without closing the requests.. and then the requests just sit there, because nobody can know for sure if that person really abandoned their journal.

    Can't we just, say.. close the public board down for a while, answer all 1- or 2- week old requests (meaning, from most recent to 1 or 2 weeks old), send closing notices for the rest of them saying we're sorry, but we need to clean out the board in order to be able to MANAGE the board, and to reopen your request if you still need help on them?

    That would, I'm guessing, eliminate about 1/2 of the idle requests on the board, if not more. Because so many old ones just sit there.. and people, though they do not complain, most likely get exasperated and just abandon the requests and open new ones, or something.

    I'm probably completely wrong, but this is what my naive mind thinks would be the coolest/best thing to do:

    1) Mark off all 3+ week old requests as closeable, give temporary close privs to a couple of trusted people, have them close requests with a generic "Sorry, cleaning out inactive/abandoned requests, click on link to reopen the request if you still need help with it, it'll help us to answer you better if you cooperate with this this one time" sort of answer (close without credit, of course, if there is no other approved and potentially helpful answer). This would clean the board by getting rid of all abandoned requests and those that the users figured out themselves, but never closed by themselves.

    2) Have privs who are able to handle a wider range of requests.. there's a lot of Comms/Pics things that aren't really answered out there, even though there's screened answers. I, for one, will not touch those except to submit screeneds because I've never done them before in LJ, so I don't know what's really correct and if I have all the information I need.

    3) Have at least 2 active privs within a given time period. Doesn't have to be like, assigned shifts, but just.. aahh, we need more active supporthelps is all. Which sucks, because I'm being a 'hypocrite' sort of for saying it, because I can't be active right now..

    Yeahh.. that's all I can think of. Now I will go do homework.. after I finish this entry.

    Blurty still has to fix the search thing at the bottom of /see_request.bml pages. They still act as "submit answer" or whatever buttons, for some reason.

    My mom just gave me $60 at around 11:00 for my allowance for this month, next month, and field trip money. Bah. I really don't need it =\

    Now I break the $100 level again, heh.

    I dunno, I just feel bad because she's working so hard and I don't even really have to do anything to get that allowance.. and I don't really need it.

    Oh well. Just save it until I do need it, or until they need it or something. Which I hope they won't, because that wouldn't be a good thing if they had to turn to me for money.. but of course, I'd be more than glad to give it all to them because it's theirs by right anyway.

    I'm sleepy again. Off to do homework before I decide to screw it all xP

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