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bloowd (bloowd) wrote,
@ 2003-12-01 19:35:00
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    can't get any sleep this week
    awake all night,i cannot eat.
    life's little tweaks and plans
    turn into supply and demand in my hand
    no i don't work here,i don't work at all
    just standing here pissing in the bathroom stall.
    its my life that i'm pissing away
    maybe if i get the chain off of my leg
    then i can let go and get outta here
    and leave this town, break all my mirrors
    leave all these shitfaced redneck jocks
    and beat their face with fuckin' rocks.
    just to get outta here and leave the fire
    and continue my life as a partial vampire.
    so i'm looking at the town and wanna burn it down
    in another 10 years i hope it's not around.
    keep telling the world to close there windows and lock 'em
    so they don't get videotaped and raped by the cops.
    not that thats the bad thing to do around here,
    as long as their in-laws can look and stare.
    it's a crazy world,we're getting crazier,
    i'm crazy myself and the country is lazier.
    and i'm all stressed out like i'm supossed to be,
    media's got me shopping at the gap&buying christmas trees
    now i join in on part of this media scheme
    thinking it's a nightmare and they say it's a dream.
    once again i'm staring at the ceiling
    with that same pathetic twisted feeling..
    and i tell you and i fuckin swear
    that the dimwits are everywhere..
    some that preach about religion,
    the others who believe it 'cause they can't make decisions,
    then you got the ones who follow the herd,
    don't forget the preps and the nerds.
    then you got the hunters and you got the hippies
    making eachother's life completely shitty,
    but making mine worse because i have to hear them both,
    drag 'em in the middle of the road,
    see if they get hit before the hunter's gun loads.
    now the world has me on medicine,
    i sorta feel high,but i'm not going in
    the state-of-mind all of these people contain
    i still have a little left of my brain..
    not too much but i have my own thoughts and opinions
    under criminal conviction because they don't like my decisions,
    but when i see the smoke cloud glow
    as the entire world explodes
    then my problems would be solved
    with everyone invlolved
    and i can live my happy life as a DUST PARTICLE!

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