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...or maybe it should be "bloodless inamorata." (bloodyinamorata) wrote,
@ 2003-11-27 21:53:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:bha sneachda Na chuibrig, the snow was like a coverlet

    well, first I'd like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!!

    Whee! As you probably guessed, i spent T-day with my folks. they were pretty well behaved. mom only told me to 'dress appropiately' and i even obliged her with that. (i didn't even wear black! i wore this somewhat boring conservative brown skirt with a blouse that was... oh wait i guess i did wear some black b/c the blouse was black. still it was 'appropiate'.) they kept the embarrassing stuff to themselves. nobody asked when i was going back to school or anything (except grandma, but she's been kept in the dark about everything so it wasn't intentionally embarrassing.) so yeah. it was okay. good turkey. it was some free-range organic non-usual species turkey thing my dad got into. he had this whole long like hour long thing about the history of turkeys and then that somehow turned us onto Turkey, country.... such a dad thing to do. then dolve and i hung out a little bit. apparently he's really into this advanced dungeons and dragons 3rd edition kind of thing but different and sometimes in space. he wants us to play it some time which i guess is cool. I never really minded playing magic cards with him before as long as he pays at least a little more attention to me than the game. (hey at least it will keep his mind of Baldur's Gate)...

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