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Shakti (blindragon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 06:57:00
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    i appreciate now
    how you never tell me I talk too much
    or too little
    how you never tell me I'm too emotional
    or not emotional enough
    on how we can sit in perfect silence,
    and hold the most profound conversation
    on how you like when I'm a bitch
    and encourage me to be such.
    In how you're teaching me to say no
    except for, of course, when it pertains to you.
    I appreciate how you don't let me get away with stuff
    unless of course, it's okay.
    And how when I need it
    you wrap your arms around me and hug me.

    The image of you, putting on my cherokee choker
    yesterday, in my car
    with that goofy grin
    and question of
    how it looked on you-
    keeps making me smile

    and the face you made
    when you saw mushrooms
    inside the beef and barley stew

    just because it's one chromosome away from jock itch and athlete's foot

    and the way you play along
    when I ask
    how much do you love stormy?

    I appreciate how you call me a pain in the ass
    with that playful grin

    I appreciate how you aren't overly affectionate
    or underly attentive.

    I love you, Jason Edward Vaughn.

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