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Shakti (blindragon) wrote,
@ 2003-12-15 22:58:00
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    your head lay between my breasts. ocassionally massaging my nipples with the side of your chin.
    we both knew what would happen.
    i tried so hard to deny it
    you pushed it on.

    i kissed the top of your head, and you shifted. i could feel your hardness, pressing between my legs, through our jeans. you laughed, and we kept talking, as if pretending to both not notice how hot I was growing. i leaned down, you leaned up.
    we kissed.
    and my nails found a way to travel down your back, as your hand found a way inside of my shirt.
    so innocent. we pretended it wasn't happening. and my hands undid your pants, slipping them down as I grabbed the spike between your legs. my palms massaged it.
    i spoke, breaking from your lips.

    do you want it?
    I'm going to make you want it.

    you moaned, your lips hungerly latching onto my neck.
    your fingers grasping onto my body.
    my pants found their way off.
    and I pressed you outside me.

    this dream. this crazy dream haunts me.

    and you pressed inside me.
    baby was on your lips.
    and you never stopped calling me that.

    this dream is intoxicating me.
    numbing my senses.

    i want it again.
    i want it to end.

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