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tina (bleedyper) wrote,
@ 2003-11-13 16:32:00
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    Current mood:brain noise
    Current music:thiervery corp.

    i feel all shitty and acomplished inside. i dropped my offive hours in the library to put in hours at the nova net modules. i've only completed three lessons and they take forever! MY counsler wanted me to read her cards so on the back of my new schedule i got her home number cell phone and address.... not a good idea. oh well. i was pretty upset cause the librarians threw a party for ray, another office worker, and not for me. they bought him a cake and pizza. what do i get? a patch that says, friend of the library how fucking rad. [sarcasm]

    anyway, i needed a break from all the dust, moths, and library run-ins with alex. oh well. let's see what gonna happen next...

    on another note, i got almost three hours of online work, i need thirty some to complete geometry. then i move onto algebra II and then i'll see if i can do speech and goverment. maybe i'll take speech as a class but i just wanna have one class next semester ya know? go in for english IV and then at ten fifteen i go to work/home. i dont know, hopefully if i come up with thoose hundred dollas i get to take speech and goverment online for a credit. they say its easy... [coming from a blonde]

    i miss boys.

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