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Kura (bleeding_wings) wrote,
@ 2003-09-05 22:20:00
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    The life of a teenage rock star.

    I'm in a bitter mood. All I seem to come up with is sneery remarks. I felt like this when I quit smoking... I really want a cigarette right now. I really do! *sighs*

    School today was... school? I don't even remember the whole day. Let's see if I can recap.

    Spare: Did my math homework. Listened to really loud Nittle Grasper and wished I was anywhere but the cafe... sat and hated the guy on the other side of the cafe.

    In between Spare and Jap: On my way back to my locker, a local ass thought it would be funny if he grabbed the strap of my thong and snapped it. This resorted in him -breaking- it. Thank god for the safety pinks in my locker. Eurgh... so so so much hate!

    Jap: Did... ooo nothing? Literally all we did was sit there and talk about the Jesus Paper and that was just my table.

    Lunch: I honestly can not tell you what happened because I don't remember.

    Math: Fought with a graphing calculator... hated y=mx+b... yup.

    Socials: Spent the whole class talking to Matt and Jackie. Jackie says I need a boyfriend... I told her to fuck off. She says I'll be more happy and bleh... Why don't I see that happening. I'm not meant to be in relationships, then never work out for the best. Maybe that's what I'm so bitter about.

    I feel like Yuki Eiri right now *huggles plushie* I want to feel like Ryuichi... my Ryuichi. *sniff* Maybe I'll write violent romance novels too...

    (Note to subject line: From the age of 7 to the age of 13 I wanted to be a singer. That dream quickly died when I got smacked with reality.)

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