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blanderv (blanderv) wrote,
@ 2011-04-21 09:42:00
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    A list of 25 high fiber foods along with their calorific values
    As well as containing a high level of fiber, lentils are packed filled with protein , no less than 26g of the stuff! In addition if you are looking for a food with high levels of vitamin B1, look no further these tiny beauties contain 67% RDA per 100g, which is nice news for individuals who like the add cigarette & glass of beer as it helps to increase mental awareness & can boost energy levels.
    two. Lima/butter beans - 75 kcal, 19.74g fiber, 78.9% RDA

    The recommended every day allowance for fiber ought to be at least 25g therefore a high fiber diet would constitute in consuming at least 30 g worth of fiber.
    I have prepared a top list of high fiber food along with their calorific values, amount of fiber they contain per 100g, & the recommended every day fiber intake they fulfill - written as a percentage - & brief explanation of the other health benefits which these individual foods have attached to them.
    one. Lentils - 100 kcal, 21.9g fiber, 87.64% RDA

    For those suffering with hypertension these are great, due to the combination of high potassium & low sodium which is contained within them. Lima beans are a great source of protein, iron, copper & manganese too; which means that they are an ideal alternative to meat for vegetarians.
    two. Barley - 386 kcal, 19.45g fiber, 77.8% RDA

    Barley contains a nice source of, both soluble & insoluble fiber which means they meet our nutritional needs better than, say, food that contains high level of & not the other. In addition barley contains nice levels of folic acid - which is beneficial to pregnant & breastfeeding females, young babies & the elderly - & vitamin E, which acts as a terrific antioxidant & can help those who suffer from heart disease, poor circulation & skin disorders.
    two. Split peas - 226 kcal, 15.27g fiber, 63.2% RDA

    Split peas ought to be part of tiffany COany healthy diet as they contain roughly 35% RDA of iron, per 100g, 56% of vitamin B1, 36% of vitamin B5, & 71 % of vitamin B9, as well as 25g of protein, which means they are an excellent food to consume in the event you are suffering from stress & in the event you need to boost your energy.
    two. Black beans - 182 kcal, 11.97g fiber, 47.84% RDA

    Black beans are known to be an nice antioxidant, so anyone undertaking a detox plan ought to look no further than these in the event you are looking for foods to add to your new regime.
    While I am here I might as well give you twenty more high fiber foods which will benefit any high fiber diet. Here goes!!

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