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BrokEn JeWeL (blancabelleza) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 22:08:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:My immortal again

    Frustrated and angry
    People really don't know you, they look at you, they stare but they cant see inside. And when you have those feelings, the ones nobody knows about cuz you don't show them, but God they are there because you feel them and it hurts so bad. Those feelings - the ones u dont want anyone to know- truthfully you'd be so glad if someone just said 'hey, i know what you're feeling' they may not know HOW it feels, but they do know that you are feeling that painful, angry, bitter, broken hearted, horrid slash of anguish that terrorizes your very being. If somebody just KNEW you were feeling those things, they may understand why you snap when someone tries to talk to you, or why you just wanna be ALONE, or why you cry so much. They might understand. I just wonder sometimes if people realize how many people around them are sitting there being miserable, all because of that feeling. Horrid and vengeful it makes you cringe to think about it, it makes your heart hurt. Half of the people who call themselves your best friends, and you call them that too, but they don't know. They look at you, but they dont SEE you. There's such a huge difference. I look at a person and they have brown eyes, but I can't see that the eyes are sad. The eyes are just eyes when you look, SEEING is they key. Seeing is percieving. If you can't percieve, why look?

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