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BrokEn JeWeL (blancabelleza) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 13:11:00
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    Man, I'm bored. Do you realize how much it sucks having to sit in an office all day doing.... NOTHING. Oh well, I mean, Joel Olsteen says DO EVERYTHING WITH ENTHUSIASM! so Yeah, I'm enthusiastic about not liking this job. God forgive me, I love this job, and i'm thankful for it, but when my boss is out of the office i have no reason to be here considering i'm her assistant. How can I assist if she's not here? Dah... anyways. So I read a cool verse in Isaiah yesterday that said something about how God calls our names, even when we dont ask for him, he's like begging for us to hear him. I thought it was pretty awesome. I think its Isaiah 65 if you wanna look it up anytime. But then the rest of its kinda crappy cuz it talks about how when we refuse to listen to God, he stops talking to us. I mean heck, wouldn't you stop talkin to somebody if all u ever did was talk and they didnt even acknowledge your existance? I sure would. So yeah, I told allen I didn't wanna date. I'm so glad I did that. God gave me a 'sign' about Chris, but I'm still confused. I feel like kyndra, she always asked for signs and God gave her like 18932947 of them but she didn't listen until Josh finally asked her to marry him! Is that gonna be me? Am I gonna wait till Chris comes to TX and sweeps me off my feet? Heck... eh I wish he'd do that! But I think God wants me to put my faith in him BEFORE he does that, u know? Cuz God already has his plan made out, he just wants me to see it. Sigh! On the other hand, this guy howard at the club i always go to FINALLY talked to me and lauren yesterday. I have to say, if he had a fan club WE would start it. I mean, he used to work there, but on my birthday (hehe) he quit and now he just goes every night and i'm like OMG ur so hot lol but I can't eb like that, cuz no matter how hot any guy is, I can't help but love Chris, I mean, i'd never choose anyone else over him. Not even CMM and we all know I'm in love with that boy. (CMM = Chad Michael Murray) But Chris, no, he's different. I know God says not to give ur heart away, but I didn't give it away, I swear he stole it, and I can't stop loving this guy. We've never even dated and I'm like, I know I want to marry him, he's wondermous. OH well.. u know what.. im at work and i gotta go do somethin to look busy. Bye yall!

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