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ashley (bladingangel) wrote,
@ 2003-06-12 22:33:00
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    Current mood: indifferent
    Current music:Goldfinger- 99 red balloons

    Goldfinger- 99 red balloons
    today was the last day of school, pretty uneventful, i didnt have a final exam 4th hour so me and kevin walked to the shopping plaza and hung out. we bought a tub of ben & jerry's ice-cream (coffee flavored *YUM*) but we didnt have anything to eat it with so we stole a plastic spoon lol. fun fun. i love him so much being with him is the best thing in the world. and whenever i'm not with him all i do is think about him. *sigh* anyways, today was our first summer practice for colorguard. yup first day and i already want to quit again. damn tosses. i have a complex i cant grasp the concept of pushing the weapon down to make it go up, or somehting like that. so i'm always the very last one to get anything, and billy gets all frustrated at me which makes me even MORE frustrated and pissed off and then i just want to give up and quit. this is like the third time i jammed my finger- it sucks, the stupid flag goes straight into the top of my finger and shoves it into my hand. sounds lovely doesnt it? now it'll be sore and swollen for about a week. *joy* arrr my freaking ears wont heal, i messed them up by piercing them myself, stupid ears. well i have nothing else to say i guess, just gonna sit here and wait for kevin to get back from his show. adios for now

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