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JUS (blackwood) wrote,
@ 2002-12-09 21:21:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:Big Truck - Coal Chamber

    Can i have a cheese burger... without the cheese?
    Luke came back from work on Saturday arvo and bought some of his work boys round for some drinks. They were supposed to go fishing but they came back two hours into it and one of the boys was passed out in the trailer on account of they couldn't find they're fishin spot and decided to drink instead.

    One of my mates came up for a week to see his baby. He stayed wif us and we got into so much shit on the weekend. We got into a scrap. It started wif Nick elbowin some dood and knocking his teeth out. Nicks got a big gash on his elbow now and is infected and shit. Later on in the night some fella was startin on Hayz and he was all like 'get the fuck away from me', but he wouldn't so he layed into him and knocked him out. The guy that got knocked out's crew came after that and it was all on.

    K's been all emotional and shit coz of the baby. I feel real bad for her coz i'm pretty much the only one there for her coz Luke is away working all tha time. The 2 kids just cause rukus and shit all the time and drive the both of us mad. She's got to be the most understanding, trusting, sweetest person i know, and she's been through a whole heap of shit. She deserves to be happy.

    My baby sis got into uni. Im so proud of her. I haven't talked to my parents in months. i wonder if we'd get along now.. Anyway, to celebrate i took my sis to watch the skimpy's at this bar for a laugh. They were terrible and out of shape and couldn't dance and we all had a good time. we Played pool, had lunch, bet on horses and shit. I love my sister. And i'm so proud of you sissi G.

    One more thing, wen luke came back we had so many drinks and we drove thru the McDonalds drive thru the wrong way and he was askin how much One chicken nugget would cost him, but they wouldn't tell him. They was arguing and shit while everyone else in the car was in tears from laughin so hard. then we drove thru more and they gave us an order when we didn't even order anything.. Fuck! you know your always gonna laugh at something when Luke is around. That's just how he is. Everyone gets drawn to him coz of his nature. It's a good nature.

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