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* My Heart Is Bleedin * (blacktearz14) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 19:26:00
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    Current mood: geeky


    Back to skewl sucks but yesterday i wasnt planin on doin anythin but i wanted 2 hang wit carrie cuz i havent chilled wit her in a long time so i went 2 go pick her up n we played so game n talked like old times then brought her home n talked 2 roger all nite then he told me 2 go 2 bed @ 10:30 so i can get some beauty sleep but i dont need beauty sleep cuz im beautiful already lol how cute .. i love my roger so much almost a 1 only 1 1/2 2 go .. valatines day n idk wat 2 get him i have 2 start lookin eek!! so yah i got off the phone n went 2 bed cuz i was sleepy

    2day i got my gift from amanda it was the green care bear (wish bear) n smelly stuff hehe!! then @ skewl i wasnt feelin good n i could of went home but no i wanted 2 see my sexy boy after skewl so then i started 2 feel better then after skewl roger came 2 pick me up n we hung out til 3 cuz he had 2 go 2 work @ 3:30 witch was gay but 2morw i get 2 b wit him til 9 hehehe 2:30 til 9 kewlie hahaha!! so yah i cant wait til 2morw i get 2 b wit my baby i love him so much i wanna b wit him 4-eva his the greatest eva n i can talk bout him all day yah 2day i wrote him a long ass note it was the front n back n when i was write i was writtin all over the place so @ the end it looked like i drew a sock out of writin lmao kewl no!! haha!! i wounder wat roger thinks it is cuz i asked him when he gets the chance 2 read it 2 tell me wat it looks like lmao!! its funny 2 me cuz i didnt mean 2 draw that lol .. well g2g n idt i will b writin any time soon i work thur 5-10 sat 12-9 n sun 11-5 so mayb next week bye bye

    i love roger

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