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* My Heart Is Bleedin * (blacktearz14) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 17:19:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Kelis - MilkShake


    Yah so my b-day from my mom i got my care bear the sleepin one - from my dad i got smelly stuff hehe - then from both i got a new computa chair then from my grandma $20 .. then roger came over around like 5 somethin n it was snowin out eek!! n he wasnt feelin 2 good cuz he didnt go 2 work sat. or sunday but he is feelin betta now! yah his lil bro gave me a lil bear its so cute n soft then a lil card wit it - then his mom got me a sherk movie cuz my cuzin took it from me n neva gave it bac so i got it in dvd now its betta in dvd anyways n i got a card from his mom n his step dad - n from my babi i got a DVD PLAYER hehe!! i i got it 2 work on uhmmm monday lol kewlie lol .. then monday went 2 skewl it was mad cold out workin outside eekkkieee!! n roger didnt pick me up cuz he wasnt feelin good then i didnt nothin all day hehe! yeaterday i went to skewl then roger picked me up after skewl n we hung out at my house then he had 2 go to work @ 4 n i had 2 go 2 work @ 5 in witch matt 4got n he called me 2 go in when i was already workin lol yah so i had 2 do the sucky job front counter eek! but it was alrite my old friend Andy came by n so did Josh C. wit his friends so i was talkin 2 them n Eric came by alot 2 say hi n get a drink! then i went home @ em 10 then 2day i went 2 skewl n we went 2 DD 2day hehehe then went to work - then roger picked me up n we chilled @ my house again my goofi lol then he had 2 go to work @ 4 again but 2morw he dont work so we might go get his gift if my mom lets witch i think she will .. rite after skewl jus go rite 2 the place 2 get his gift n look around 4 mine yup yup!! well g2g bye bye!!

    I Love my Roger so Much hehehe!!

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