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.:://..Black Roze..\\::. (blackroze) wrote,
@ 2003-02-28 00:30:00
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    Current music:Broken wings-Sage Francis

    -more poems-
    Okay...I have more poems that I wrote for school and 3 or so that i wrote about...just stuff I'm sort of going through
    ...nvm, I can't post the dialogue one because it's in 2 columns and I don't know how to do that.



    I am a wilted rose petal who is falling to the ground.
    I wonder why my silky soft texture died and dried.

    I hear wind whistling past my ears, ringing through me.
    I see the world viciously grinning as I fall so helplessly and so delicately tortured.

    I want to be lively, full, and pulsating with joy upon the rose I once helped make.
    I am a wilted rose petal who is falling to the ground.

    I pretend I am winning a race while twisting, turning, and blowing around the whole way down.
    I feel the ground growing closer with each gust of wind.
    I touch the very tips of the green grass; the last warning before I hit the mud, dust, or whatever lies beneath.
    I worry about rotting away into the depths of the Earth; not standing out upon the sky of blue, but being mangled, dissolved and decayed into one big ignored element.
    I cry while the sharp tips of thin needle-like grass blades poke and turn me this way and that.
    I am a wilted rose petal who is falling to the ground.

    I understand why my time has come, why I must now become part of the Earth again, although it still worries me so.
    I say nothing of the ‘what if’ and only of the ‘what will come.’

    I dream of my next life in which I shall awaken with a rich, black, fur coat and stalk my prey in the still of silenced nights.
    I try to live in the fantasy of my next life, almost feeling my tongue as it smoothes down my coat.
    I hope my dreams of my future life will one day be true.
    I am a wilted rose petal who is falling to the ground.

    -Julie Ferguson-


    She wondered through the broken forest
    Painting everything in a coat of sugar
    Smiles would shine bright through her day
    And that was always her way
    But now her days have darkened
    -does she not see the pain in her own eyes?
    The smiles have been ripped apart
    -does she not taste the bitter-sweet blood
    Flowing like a waterfall?
    Her sugar coating was not enough
    -does she not feel the memories clawing at her head?
    Her world is slowly decaying away
    -does she truly think everything’s so bad?
    I will say it once
    Maybe I’ll say it twice
    But for the sake of her beautiful smiles to shine
    And her world to taste like a sweet sugar coated forest again
    I pray she’ll spread her wings and fly
    Fly out of the fantasy she’s come to desire
    It is all a lie
    It is not the light
    It is not her life
    If she would only see
    See everything real that surrounds her
    She would know
    She could dump out her paint
    -for her world is already sugar coated
    She could dump out her fake smiles
    -for her world is too happy a place to frown in
    She couldn’t dwell in her hell
    -because she’s already broken free
    To be who she was meant to be
    If only I could make her see
    I could stay to make it true
    But once I leave
    If she finally does see
    All that will be in front of her
    Will be the broken forest
    That haunted her dreams
    And forever will


    I finally left
    I finally broke free
    I’m sorry it had to end that way
    But I guess that’s just how it had to be
    I know your world crumbled
    You’re shattered in the mess
    I’ve handed you your broom
    So please clean up this place
    I’ve shed too many tears
    To cry for you anymore
    We’ve grown apart over the year
    Now it’s all turned into a sore
    I need to sow this hole shut
    I don’t mean to trap you in
    At least I gave you your broom
    So you will find a way
    Maybe some day
    You’ll learn to spread your wings and fly
    But until you ever learn
    The hole must stay shut
    And forever it will stay
    While you are still that way
    I’ve said sorry so many times
    If I say it once more
    The whole world will burst
    Maybe then it would make it to yours
    What would it be for?
    If it had to burst my world
    To get through to yours
    I am not sorry anymore
    I will not come knocking at your door
    I will not mop away your tears
    But you have the broom—
    So please, do what you need


    How this ever happened
    I will not know
    Did my feet stumble
    And I was thrust onto the wrong path?
    Was I attracted to all this madness?
    The filthy world filled with depression?
    Was it Briana who stumbled?
    And I followed her along,
    Like a sick puppy lost and trapped all alone?
    However it happened I want out
    I never meant to end up like this
    I want my spider-web of thoughts wiped clean
    I want straight A’s
    I want my world to sparkles
    I want scar-free skin
    I want to fit in
    I want to be loved
    And I want to love
    I can’t stand this anymore
    Glass is everywhere I go
    I can’t step there
    Or it will crumble
    I can’t say that
    Or it will bleed
    Glass is everywhere I go
    It’s all too fragile,
    It’s all about to fall
    It’s all been laid upon me
    If I move
    It will follow
    If I leave it
    It will crumble
    But each day
    I continue to paint on a smile
    Each day I take it all
    I laugh with it all
    And I hug it to myself
    As if it’s the most precious thing in the world
    Although, I know the truth
    Each day I go home
    And I can’t take it
    It’s ripping at me
    It’s making me rip at myself

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