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.:://..Black Roze..\\::. (blackroze) wrote,
@ 2003-02-05 15:29:00
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    Current mood:disappointed
    Current music:Aerials-System of a Down

    -Poems- are 4 poems I wrote for a Civil Rights project. My mom thought they were so good that I got them off the internet and didn't write them. Hehe! But I


    I've heard stories
    and seen pictures
    movies and poems
    the holocaust gives me shivers
    goose bumps and chills

    Horrifying images
    of stick-figure people
    invade my thoughts
    and even my dreams

    I think of how these pictures
    stories, movies or poems
    affect me
    and then I think
    the people who actually lived
    in those pictures, stories or movies
    must have been affected
    unbearably worse

    -Julie Ferguson-

    Death's Door

    Door to death
    open this and enter
    close your eyes and pray
    sure, it's just a shower
    or so they say...

    but everyone knows the truth
    no one gets wet in there
    no soap or shampoo
    just the stench of death

    When the door closes behind you
    and hundreds of others
    the life-taking gasses
    will poor inside the room
    fill your nose and mouth
    your lungs and eyes

    Slowly you die
    fall to the ground piled upon others
    good-bye to your life
    good-bye to your friends
    good-bye to your family
    for your life
    will surely end

    -Julie Ferguson-

    Kids of the Holocaust

    Kids so innocent, so young
    living a life of happiness and fun
    loving parents always by their side

    Taken away to the ghetto
    life was much worse
    trying to live in a place
    so crowded, so dirty
    thinking life couldn't be any worse
    they leave again to find they're wrong

    The gate of Auschwitz
    "Work will set you free"
    but how can that be?
    for someone so young and weak

    They enter through the gate
    only to meet their wretched fate
    death came to take them
    they died in such an awful place
    poor helpless kids
    so many died
    In Auschwitz
    in Hell

    -Julie Ferguson-

    Soles of our Feet

    These shoes of people
    people like you and me
    these shoes so carelessly
    so hatefully, ungratefully
    thrown in jumbled messes

    Theses shoes, the soles of our feet
    keep your feet warm
    safe from glass
    or other sharp objects

    Why then, would they be taken?
    be thrown in a pile
    a pile bigger than you and me
    from someone who needs them
    who bought them
    who did nothing wrong
    but believe in something that was right
    how could they take away their shoes?
    just because they're Jews

    -Julie Ferguson-

    And then thhis one is another little short one I had to do for core. It's not my best at all, but I'm putting all my work up here so....


    A plastic tube filled with precious ink
    glides across the paper
    leaving a trail of ink

    So delicate and light-weight to the touch
    Soft and smooth
    Ink flows out in shades of blue
    Black, red, purple too

    When this fragile pen
    Comes in contact with my skin
    It can write down all my thoughts
    What’s in my head

    If it weren’t for
    This precious pen
    I truly think
    I’d be trapped inside my head

    -Julie Ferguson-

    I'm also in the process of writing this one...well maybe I'll finish it then put it up, hold on

    It's not titled yet but

    Mysterious, secretive, shy
    Sibling of many
    Lover of winter winds whispering through willow leaves
    Who feels...(I need 3 for this)
    Who needs...(I need 3 for this)
    Who gives...(I need 3 for this)
    Who fears the tingling of spiders like needles on your back, ...(I need 2 more for this)
    Who would like to see...(I need 3 for this)

    Resident of the world we called Earth

    -Julie Ferguson- (^ITALICS^=Not completed)

    Okay....This next one was started by Briana Bellamy and finished by me. I will put the stuff she wrote in BOLD.

    Night Fears

    Darkness rises.
    Daylight sinks.
    All is safe
    (Or so you think).

    As Glowing eyes emerge
    A serge of fear runs down your spine.
    Don't worry, everything is fine
    Then they come
    Those eerie thoughts
    Your mind wonders
    As the night fears draw near...

    Pull covers close
    Breath silently and barely at all
    wish them all away
    the night fears with there eerie ears
    glowing eyes
    red sharp teeth
    Scary images
    of ghosts that weep

    The night gets darker
    wrapping you in a blanket of black
    sweat trickles down your neck
    as fear engulfs you with its nasty spiderweb of thoughts
    You scream out in fear
    as it appears
    The slimy green thing
    its living in your closet
    or so you swear

    Your parents rush in
    and turn on all the lights
    all the sudden, everythings alright
    the eyes are gone
    The ears that hear all
    have become defeated deafs
    the teeth dissappered
    the wicked thoughts
    and slimy green things
    vanish like water left out for weeks

    The sweat dries up
    you reamerge from your cave under the blankets
    your breath is more deep
    as you grow weak
    your night fears are gone
    and all will be well
    you can sleep now
    without dreaming of hell

    -Briana Bellamy, Julie Ferguson-

    Okay, I hope you like those. Comment if you'd like. Thanks

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