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.Wednesday's Desire. (blackjack6sic6) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 11:37:00
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    Current mood:mellow
    Current music:A.F.I

    Your lips touching mine in a photobooth
    Yeah so today I get to go to lunch with my mother. How fun? Yeah.. I have school off.. woop de do. I think I might go to the mall with Alyssa later. I want to get the new Blink 182 CD because I'm too impatient to wait for all of the songs to be available on Kazaa. Yeah I need money... I'll get it from my mom or something.. or.. I don't know.. I need a job. Badly. I should get one at the market uptown.. but I'm not good with money. Whatever. I can't always bum money from my mom and dad.. or maybe I can? Hmm I wish... I wanna move.

    Damian and I are going to hang out some time this weekend, which is good, because I haven't seen him in like.. forever. Well, since he moved on October 11th. But it's still a long time... ugh..

    I saw Scary Movie 3 last night with Al, Katie, and Al's friend Camila. It was... weird and I didn't like it that much. But yeah before that Katie and I watched Finding Nemo (my 7th time seeing it :D) on my computer and it was great.

    But yeah I'm going to go cake on some foundation and eyeliner, so I'll post tomorrow, not that anyone reads, but yeah. Laterrrrr.

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