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♥you look so pretty digging you grave (blackhole42) wrote,
@ 2004-10-09 11:06:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:kittie xDaughters Downx

    "mistakes don't mean a thing if you don't regret them..."
    wow, a lot has happened. i dumped ryan, thing weren't right he was so different from me, i never saw him and i didn't like him like i used to...i love being single more than anything. even though at the moment i wanna go out with someone, but i can't say who. i didn't get to see KiTTiE on the 2nd of october, that made me really mad. but it's okay, there will be other shows. there better be. schools going good,i get to see, and tomm. so tomm is my new crush...but you can't tell anyone. he knows and lauren thinks he likes me how i like him. but i don't think he does. tomorrow me and lauren are going to his store cause i'm gwtting cat ears and wings...don't ask. oh and SEXY how can i forget him. his real name is dan and he's really hot, so me and lauren call him sexy.

    today, i don't know what i'm doing i really need to go shopping for somethings and hopefully my mommy can take me. but tomorrow and me and laruen are going to see tomm :), and chill at the mall, and buy shit. okay, that's it for now...

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