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A lover you don't have to love (blackheartloner) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 05:30:00
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    As far as he sees nothing's left in the cup.
    Okay, I'm pretty happy right now.

    I got some awesome jewelry that looks like it's from the 80s or 50s.

    And this 2 dollar AWESOME bracelet with British charms all over it, including, "God Save The Queen".

    So that's pretty cool.

    Anyways, My birthday is soon.. I'm contiplating on what I should get. These are the options,

    (1) Get a Washburn Guitar.
    (2) Go hunting at Goodwill and Dollar stores for thrift items.
    (3) Catalog shop for clothes.
    (4) Since it's so close, save until Christmas.

    But that's hard for me. If I have money I -must- spend it. I'm horrible. But there's my choices.

    My uncle is kind of mad at me. Because, well, he's enyous. I'm better at him at guitar in some ways. The only reason why is I have many styles of playing guitar--he sticks to one. So in this case, he wouldn't let me play his new guitar for long. lol.

    So that's about it for today. I was really getting pissed off at my computer so I decided to write in this and kind of chill me off and what not.

    I love you guys, be good.

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