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Sasha (blackestduckest) wrote,
@ 2005-01-25 00:40:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:Chris Thile and Nickel Creek


    WOW... No other words for the past few days.

    Scottagain and Duckie picked me up on Friday at 4, and we left for Camp Pine Tree in Tabernacle, to do some MR (Mystic Realms, a Jersey fantasy LARP for those who don't know).

    35:25 was the PC:NPC ratio, prophesies of snowstorm in the air, and the end of the world drawing nigh. The weekend could've sucked ass, but it didn't. Let me tell you why...

    First of all, hats off to the NPCs this month (Pat, Kevin, Cortese, Henchcroft, Rachel, Coridan, and quite a few non-Marauder friends), for making genuinely scary NPCs. Nailing Adrian/Draco to the door of cabin 6 on Saturday night during phase two of the big battle was perhaps the single scariest moment until that point in my MR career...

    Second, props to Adrian/Hashem, who did something that flies so far in the face of acceptable PC behavior that it made the weekend. Granted, he's not allowed to return ever again, but the event was made memorable for it.

    For those who were not there: Hashem, a master wizard and mayor of Evermoore, is played by Adrian, a man I do not really know who is moving to Belgium before the next event. He's been playing for a long time, and decided to teach several PCs a lesson on his last event. He began using the subservience ritual on other masters (5th rank characters, powerhouse characters who've been in the game for three-eight years to achieve that kind of power), until by the time the original Saturday night battle was over he had maybe a dozen masters under his control.

    The first big battle lasted less than ten minutes, and Liz, James, Kori, Piston, Duck, and I all missed it by accident. The second one began over an hour later, when goblins and orcs began rampaging. We Marauders holed ourselves up on the porch cabin 6 with two ballistas and myself as the only healer. Our cabin was conveniently just across the path from the tavern (we lost our inn status at the beginning of this moon, long story), and so when we learned that the tavern was occupied by quite a few subservient masters, we were both in the right place at the right time and scared out of our chainmail...

    We eventually won, after I raised half a dozen people from the dead ("...I am bringing you back from death to again feel pleasure and pain, and death again in ten minutes when the masters strike...") After the battle, three non-Marauders, veterans all, complimented me on my performance, and quite a few Marauders echoed them at the diner. I was exceedingly proud.

    2.2 status for the weekend, not bad at all...

    By the way, it was like a foot and a half of snow.

    Diner with crew (and Mum) for a few hours, then back to NE, because roads were shitty. Spent awhile with Angie, then back to UBE on Monday afternoon. That's where I am now, posting. The update now being complete,



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