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MaRy (blackdevil77) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 06:13:00
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    Current mood: refreshed
    Current music:Staind-Blow Away

    Not as bad as I thought
    The past two weeks have been just horrible. Friends lieing, and talking shit behind my back. I had to tell an old friend who ditched me to be popular last year that I wish i was never her friend. Dealing with one of my friends on drugs, I don't care that she uses drugs it's just that she has been doing it for a year and never told me.

    Mike thinks I like Dan. I can see why since me and Dan flirt but it's cuz of the inside jokes we have, we both know we don't like each in that way. Dan and Jessie broke up Friday, and laura's party was Friday but Jessie couldn't go! Fri nite was crazy, I mad that Davy called me a slut! I have to talk to him about that one tomarrow, If i remember....

    Erica wants use to hang out and be friends again. I want to be friends, but I just can't trust her. It prolly won't work out that I can babysit with her Sat nite then sleep over. Wheneva we try to make plans it never seems to work out! Just my luck wit that gurl....

    Mike, a lier, an ass, a jerk, the list goes on..... I'm tryin to be friends with him again also, but I dunno if I can. He lies SO fucking much, it drives me crazy! L8ly he has been really perverted towards me saying that he wants to see me run on my treadmill, and just other shit. Horny lil shit!

    I'm out mabey this week will be betta than the past 2 weeks.....

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