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Chardá (blackbarbie03) wrote,
@ 2003-06-11 19:09:00
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    1 day left of school!!!
    Today I went to school and when I woke up I had the worst stomach ache ever!!! Not really, but yeah, those of you with dirty or perverted or stupid minds, no I am not pregnant, I just ate some bad food or I was extremely stressed I think it was a little bit of both. But seriously, It was bad, and i got to school late.My friend hannah is over right now, she is cool, i'm bout to hook her up with a blurty journal, this is soo cool. But i'm doing her hair, well it's done, but it looks sooo good, she looks like janet jackson. Guys watch out!! Oh if anyone wants to see a pic of me I have an account with yahoo and you can look me up on yahoo member directory, and my id is blackballerinabarbie03 My teacher is cool as hell, Miss Trim I love you!! I know you are reading this cus we are homies for life! haha. But yeah for those that don't know my dance teacher is one of my friends, she has an account and she is only 28. She is crazy, I know you'll miss me. haha j/k. but everybody wish me luck tommorrow is my last day of school and friday the 13th (how bazaar!) is graduation day! I am soooo excited. I can't wait. Then tommorrow night I go to Disneyland. Oh about my love life. Nothing new, nothing special. But I did respond to this guy's journal named phillip and he is on blurty. I met him through interests, I looked him up. He is really cool, he's cute too, unfortunately My retarded computer froze and i couldn't get back on and we were in the middle of a conversation. But Phillipob if you are reading this Hello!! you're the coolest!!! But nubiantraces, hello, call me you dork. Have fun with your dad today. Everyone I love you, and wish me luck, if you are graduating too, good luck and partay!!! Like it's your birthday! Hey if anyone wants to respond feel free, I like people, i don't bite. Love ya'll until tomm, see ya, ciao, au revoir, a bientot, bubi!


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