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bl0ndef00l (bl0ndef00l) wrote,
@ 2004-08-15 11:40:00
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    Current mood: blah

    oh what a night
    Oh god. Yesterday was so terrible. I was waiting all day for Branden to call. I thought that maybe he thought I looked ugly or something so he wouldn't call me anymore. I get paranoid like that. I went boating with Sierra on Rick's new boat. It's so fucking awesome. We fed little duckies chips, and I tried to catch one but of corse they tried to get away :-(. So I totally thought Branden and I were going to hang out at the lake but he never ended up calling me the night before like he said he would. He was with his friends.

    What the fuck? I am talking about him like he's my boyfriend or something. Clearly... something is wrong with me. Maybe I am just boy deprived because I was stuck in treatment the whole fucking summer.

    So I go to Sierra's and we go get coffe from the cute new coffee place. There were two really cute guys there, and one of them was staring at me when I looked up. He smiled :-). It was cute. Now I know where my new favorite coffee shop is.

    Sierra and I drive back to her house, and Eric's there. We talk and chill until Lander comes with Smirnoff and some other shit. The boys get drunk, and down them. I take a sip of my smirnoff. Then another. I don't know what it was, but I just didn't want any of it. Maybe too sugary. I guess I just wasn't in the mood. Sierra gets a little buzzed. We watch "American History X." I fucking cry. That movie is so fucking sad. I hated the ending. But on the other hand, the guy that played the older brother was FINE. So after we finish, we sit on the couch and lounge around and I drift off and go to sleep. Like a half hour later, around 2:30 in the morning, my phone rings... and it's Branden!! I got all excited. We talk, and talk, yada yada for like an hour. I get up from the bed and I walk out of the room to go hang out with Eric because I know that he's awake. Just as I open the door from my room, I hear Sierra whimpering. Oh fuck it was nasty. Then I heard Lander talking. I didn't come out of that room to hear them screw.

    So Branden and I are supposed to hang out today. I think we are going shopping and maybe to the lake. I don't know really what's happening for sure but I hope that everything goes well.

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