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bl0ndef00l (bl0ndef00l) wrote,
@ 2004-08-14 00:38:00
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    Current mood: hopeful

    Tonight was the perfect night. Branden didn't end up going to LA, so we got to hang out. I was getting so anxious to see Branden, and I wanted so bad to hang out with him tonight. It was about 8:00 and still he hadn't called. I was bummed, until a few minutes later he called me. **Score!** (I'm such a lameass!). Nothing romantic or anything happened, but I did get to see the guy I am falling for. He looked so cute tonight. We were just talking and flirting and stuff. I had so much fun. And all we did was go to safeway! (Sounds stupid, I know. But he was visitng one of his friends and plus he needed to get superglue to fix a part of his friends car. So wow.

    But then I have doubtful feelings. I get so nervous when I take my friends with me, because I feel I am not beautiful like them, and he would like them more than me. I have always had this insecurity. It sucks.

    Sierra's dog pooped in her new car, so it smelt like the worst dog shit ever. Katelyn and I ran to jump into Anthony's truck. I think Sierra got mad. oops.

    I am dieing for him to call me. I am just waiting, hopelessly waiting. I keep wondering if we will ever be together. It sounds so crazy to me, because I haven't really hung out with him as much as I talk on the phone or chat on AIM with him.

    I hope that one day I'll find someone to fall in love with. I keep having these thoughts and dreams about being in love. I never have been in love, so I wonder.

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